Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 1

Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 1: Your Position by Jane Myers

The Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 1: Your Position offers an in depth look at the rider’s position as a whole. Broken down into different segments, it addresses how the rider’s feet, ankles, calves and lower legs as a whole should be positioned. It then moves onto the upper leg, the torso, upper body and head and their positioning.

With each part of the body discussed, a description is provided along with notated photos of how the body should be positioned. In light of this, possible issues that may arise with each body part and its position are also discussed.

Jane Myers points out incorrect riding positions and what can be done to fix certain issues. Throughout the text, further reading is provided in the form of links to articles on the Horse Rider’s Mechanic website. Reference is also provided for further reading in the next two books in the Horse Rider’s Mechanic series.

Part 1 of these workbooks provides a great overall picture of how the rider should be positioned whilst horse riding.

Better yet, it covers greatly, issues that may arise and how these can be corrected. It seems a wonderful text for bringing to light issues to the rider, that may otherwise have gone unknown and held the individual back from becoming a more effective rider.

Authors: Jane Myers
Non Fiction – horse riding
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“Every time you ride, you’re either teaching or unteaching your horse.” – Gordon Wright

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