Horse Show by Bonnie Bryant

The eighth book in the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant is titled Horse Show. In this novel, Carol, Stevie and Lisa are excited to learn about their horse riding instrutor’s trip to the American Horse Show in New York. They are dying to go.  So together they hatch a scheme to be able to attend with Max and his mother Mrs. Regnery.

Horse Show by Bonnie Bryant
Horse Show by Bonnie Bryant

One of Max’s former students – Dorothy DeSoto – is competing there on her beautiful gelding Topside. Carol, Stevie and Lisa are amazed to find themselves able to go along to New York and see behind the scenes of the show as well as the competition itself.

The three girls, otherwise known as the Saddle Club are rapt to find they also have time to visit the sites in New York. They even get a chance to go riding in Central Park. It’s whilst out riding that Lisa comes across a young man on a runaway horse. It’s obvious he has no idea how to ride. What isn’t obvious at first glance, is who he is.

The three girls are all familiar with teen heartthrob Skye Ransom. And so Lisa is amazed to find that it is Skye who has fallen off an out of control horse. This is more surprising when he is supposed to be a proficient rider and horse riding in a film that is being made in New York!

When the girls realise Skye’s dilemma they decide that helping Skye learn how to ride – in three days – is definitely a project for the Saddle Club! Alongside this, they also enjoy sight seeing and attending the American Horse Show. Unfortunately, when a fall at the horse show spooks Skye away from riding for good, the girls know their work is cut out for them. Horse Show is an entertaining read full of horse facts and fun.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
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