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Horse Stores as a Business Opportunity

Recently in town we’ve had a new Equine Emporium open.  It got me to thinking about horse stores as a business opportunity.  I’ve touched on franchises before in the form of saddleries, but haven’t really looked at horse stores in general.

Horse Stores as a Business Opportunity | Equus Education

Horse Stores as a Business Opportunity | Equus Education

A horse store could offer a niche product – like particular known brands by those who work on farms or with horses.  R M Williams comes to mind here in Australia.  Or they may focus on horse related gifts that you could get for that horse crazy person.  Jewellery, books, mugs, framed photos, statues or other trinkets that somehow link back to the horse.

Maybe the horse store could include tack and health care products for your beloved equine.  Even grooming equipment and riding gear could be included.  Or perhaps the store focuses specifically on accessories for your equine/s.  You know – rugs, head collars, boots, etc.

Horse Stores as a Business Opportunity

Whatever the focus, it is possible to have a horse store as a business.  Like with any business, the owner will need to do their research.  There will be costs associated with running a business, ordering stock, having insurance and advertising.  On top of this, it’s important to know that what you’re selling is wanted and will be purchased by locals or those visiting.

Have you ever dreamt of having a horse store in your local community?  What products would be most used or desired by locals?  Would they be easy for you to source?  Could you support local artists who have horse related paintings, drawings, photography or other items?  This may be something to think about.

“A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment.” ― Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


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