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Horse Toys

Katie at A Girl and Her Horse has recently put up a post regarding My Little Pony‘s 25th Anniversary and the corresponding competition 25 Ponies for 25 Years.  Check out some of the awesome designs and perhaps purchase one (at a ridiculous price but for a more than worthy cause).

Silverado, Trail of Painted Ponies.It got me thinking about horse toys in general and for the clever designer, perhaps there’s a career or a nice little money earner on the side of something else.

I’d near forgotten about these horse toys that my sisters and I played with as kids.  It’s nice to see that they’re still being bought and produced.  Perhaps you have an idea for a horse related toy – with the internet reaching so many it’s feasible these days to set up an online business, advertise and sell the product with low set up costs.

Perhaps you have the artistic talent/are the brains behind the brilliant idea and just need someone to fund it.  In Australia there’s an incentive scheme that’s available to equip people to set up and run their own business by providing them with training and funds.  I’m sure it’s not the only one of it’s kind.

Northern Lights by Janee Hughes.Last year for my birthday my younger sister and her husband gave me a gorgeously painted model horse, Silverado.

You can take a look at the collections over the years.  Personally I’d love Northern Lights by Janee Hughes but don’t have the $6,000 spare for the life size version!  The Trail of Painted Ponies is a gorgeous growing collection that is more of a ‘toy’ for adults, but a horse related joy all the same.

Perhaps you’d like to paint your own and try your luck at getting it recognised as the newest addition to the Painted Ponies Collection.

“The delicate and exquisite horse is itself a work of art.” – Bertrand Leclair

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  • Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the mention! Horse figurines can be amazing! My mum gave me a gorgeous carved wooden sculpture of a horse for my birthday last year! Its amazing.

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