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Horse Tricks Trainer, an Equine Hands on Career

Once again whilst reading Love, Sweat and Tears by Zelie Bullen, I’ve been made aware of another possible horse career. A horse tricks trainer is one that trains horses to respond to cues. Rather than for competition or racing, the horse tricks trainer works in other events that require horses.

This could be training horses for movies or for equestrian shows or demonstrations. Such a person may even train horses for circus acts or other horse related events.

Horse Tricks Trainer: the Horses may need to be Specific Colours

Horse Tricks Trainer: the Horses may need to be Specific Colours

Because the horse is used for special events, it’s quite possible the horse tricks trainer will need to work with other peoples’ horses. The horses used may need to be a particular height, gender, breed or even colour for a certain event.

It would be expensive for the horse trainer to keep a vast array of horses that may be suitable for an event in the future. A horse tricks trainer may need to source horses from other people.  Or they may need to work with horses that are provided by others. They would also need to recognise that these horses they work hard with, will be going back to other owners or potentially be sold after being trained.

Someone who trains horses to do tricks will need to be able to work with many different equines. They will need to have patience and problem solving skills. The horse tricks trainer will probably also need to be able to travel and communicate with locals in other languages. They may need to be familiar with different housing and caring methods for horses that are kept in other countries. A horse tricks trainer would have a hands on career that varies greatly but has one constant – horses.

“The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.” – Author Unknown

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