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Recently I was looking at a reference link for some equine resources at work.  It took me to the My Horse University website.  Looking through the site, I was excited to discover that there are some free courses available on this site.  Who doesn’t love free horse courses?  These are available for people to check out the quality and content of courses on offer on the My Horse University site.

So what are the free horse courses on offer?  You can sign up for:

  • Biosecurity for Horses
  • Purchasing and Owning a Horse 101
  • Horse Industry Labour Force
  • Horse Sense: Equine Youth Safety

As you browse through the My Horse University website you will see they also have free resources on offer.  These are in the form of webinars, Podcasts and articles.

As it states on their website, their mission is two fold:

“1. To help horse enthusiasts achieve their goals by providing the educational resources that promote better horse care, environmental stewardship and recreation.  2. To be the premier provider of online education for horse enthusiasts.”

My Horse University Free Courses | Equus Education
My Horse University Free Courses | Equus Education

There are so many resources online these days that don’t allow horse owners to be ignorant.  With free courses, free fact sheets and even free books relating to horses, you can learn about practically any facet of the horse industry without it costing you anything.  Well of course, it does cost you time!  But that is one worthy investment.  If you’re looking to increase your horse knowledge in 2018, why not start with one of the free courses at My Horse University?

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