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Horses, a Bed and Breakfast!

Most of the places I’ve stayed at that are horse related have had their own horses and provided trail rides, but how wonderful it would be to stop at a Bed and Breakfast in the country with your own horse and check out someone else’s gorgeous trails!

While I was working on a Thoroughbred stud in North East Victoria, I knew of another property up the road that although their main income came from the racehorses that they bred and sold, they had an extra house on the property that was available as a B&B to anyone interested.

I know of another in Wangaratta that breeds pacers but they also have a B&B business and how lovely would it be to wake up and watch a couple of gorgeous animals racing around a track in a morning work out?Ok, so maybe you’re not interested in being up that early but the idea of staying at a B&B that also runs a horse business appeals to me!

On trail in South Africa

My parents often slip away to the country for a weekend and a relaxing break and a self contained cottage is the most appealing for them – they’re able to live in a house and make it theirs for a weekend and do as they please during the day while admiring someone else’s work that has been put in to make beautiful gardens that have stunning flowers and attract the most colourful birds.

Perhaps it’s your dream when you’ve got that block of land to have a house that others can occupy for short periods at a time to come relax, rest and rejuvenate while admiring the beautiful surrounds that you own.And perhaps because of the gorgeous surroundings, it’s appealing and viable to provide stabling and paddock access for those who want to admire it all from horseback.Why not?

The sunrise I woke to at one of the places we stayed while on trail in South Africa.

In South Africa while we were on trail, it was common to ride the horses to a particular distance and stop in on a friend of the owner’s.We’d untack the horses while hitched to a tree and then lead them into one of the many paddocks that belong to the friend and leave the horses to drink and graze while we went inside and had coffee or tea with cake and scones.How lovely!

I believe this concept would be awesome in a B&B and wouldn’t be surprised if it is already utilised (I’m rather ignorant to the ways of B&B’s).But how lovely would it be to have a place that you stay at, say for a couple of days with your own horse (because of course they provide stabling and paddocks for guests’ horses).

On the first day you arrive and let your horse have a spell in one of the paddocks while getting yourself settled in, have lunch and a bit of a rest.Then back into the saddle and out to explore the trails on the property.

The following morning you visit another trail you didn’t have time for the previous afternoon; break for lunch and pack your things and then head onto another B&B or self contained cottage that caters to horses that is situated 10kms down the road! Or perhaps there are properties nearby that allow you to ride to them, allow your horse to rest while you get refreshed and then head back to the B&B where you are staying.

Take a look at:

“Horses want one place rubbed: themselves.”

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  • GP:

    thanx for the nuzzle 🙂 There’s always room at the inn for equestrian and equine both.. We just had an entourage enroute to the Young Junior Riders Championship (canadian team) competing in denver… Awesome

    gp in montana

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