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Horsey Cards to Clients for Christmas

So I’ve recently stumbled across Send Out Cards, shortly after reading Jordan Adler’s Beach Money.  Initially the appeal was finding out how to build up a residual income – who wouldn’t want one?

But it’s since occurred to me the value of having online the opportunity to send out cards as you think to do so.  People often have the thought but lack the follow through.  Having a system set up online to be able to send out cards to a person or persons as you’re thinking of it is definitely the way to go.

But how does this relate to horses?  A lot of equine businesses send out cards to their clients for Christmas and New Years.  If they really get into it, they may even make sure the card has a horsey feel or even a photo of one of their own stallions, performance horses, a foal or the property.

Send Out Cards allows this, meaning that business owners can truly personalise cards in a cost effective manner (less than $1.50 USD to create, print and post the card) and set up databases that result in cards being sent by the click of a mouse.  Think of the possibilities:

  • Sending horsey Christmas/New Years cards to clients
  • Sending out a postcard with a photo of a client’s newborn foal to congratulate them on the safe arrival of their filly or colt
  • Sending out a card with a photo to mare owners of your stallion who has won at a recent show – add to the card a message reminding them about the upcoming breeding season
  • Send a gorgeous horse related card to a friend that you’re thinking of who also loves equines

There are many possibilities and of course the cards aren’t limited to equine enthusiasts.  It is no surprise however that this is where my mind goes.  Perhaps you’d like to take a closer look and even send a few cards for free to test it out…  Further information on Send Out Cards and it’s use can be found in an article I’ve written.

“You know you’re a horse person when… your mother, who has no grandchildren, gets cards addressed to Grandma, signed by the horses and dogs.”

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