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Hot or cold?

Thoroughbreds and other breeds are often identified by brands, these days applied via freezebranding as opposed to previously branding with a hot iron.

Was having a think the other day while out on the feed run and came to the conclusion being a brander would be another job with horses that pays well for a small amount of work, far as I can see.

Once all the babies are weaned, it’s time to ID them so we get in a guy by the name of Carter-Smith to come out for an afternoon and brand all the young horses. Now on rough figures, a whole heap of horses may cost say $40 to brand. On a small farm, there may be about 40 weanlings to do.

$40 x 40 = $1600 – this can be achieved in a couple of hours work. Now is this can be made on a small breeding property, imagine a thoroughbred stud that’s practically a production line.

Downside? You’d need a lot of clients to keep yourself going as a brander as it’s a once in a lifetime thing. However, if you managed around 1500-2000 horses a year (perhaps your client base could be made up of Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Standardbred breeders to reach these numbers) you’d be bringing in $60,000 – $80,000.

Sure, there are costs – travel and therefore time and petrol, plus the dry ice/liquid nitrogen needed for branding; but they seem to be minimal.

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