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I Want a Pony

The first of the Pony Pals series, this story starts out with Lulu unhappily stuck at her grandmother’s house while her dad is away on an exciting adventure that she should be on also.

I Want a Pony, Jeanne Betancourt.Finding her grandmother to be ‘too proper’, Lulu feels stifled and sets out exploring the town, stumbling across a pair of girls who have their own ponies and a track between their two houses that seems to be used only by the pair.

Desperately loving horses and wanting one of her own, it’s not too long before Lulu discovers a beautiful pony in a nearby field.

Days later she is travelling the same path and discovers the same pony to be in danger. Unsure whether to stay and try to help or go and seek out someone who may be better suited to help the pony, Lulu is eventually recognised as the figure that saves the pony. Recognised by all it seems but the financial owner, the father of a young girl.

The race is shortly on to convince this same man that Lulu would nurse the pony back to full health and perhaps even be the one to own her, to be able to join the other two and their ponies and become pony pals, three that have a secret track between their houses that can be used to ride and meet up.

The story is a great lead in to the series and is well suited to pre teens being of simple language and about similar aged young girls who are pony obsessed.

Author: Jeanne Betancourt
In my library? Sure! Although I’m yet to read them all, I have sixteen of the first seventeen in the series and would imagine them a hit amongst pre teen horse crazy girls.

“Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

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