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If the Door’s Closed, Go Out the Window…

I was chatting with the Horse Studies coordinator today about a student who’s currently undertaking a horse course with the view to getting into Veterinary Nursing. The coordinator informed me that Box Hill was adjusting their Vet Nursing course so that rather than applicants having to have employment in a vet nursing role (which is a common pre-requisite), someone employed on a horse stud can also apply to do the course.

For those who are interested in pursuing a Vet Nursing career, doing a Certificate IV while in employment can lead to later completing a Diploma that focuses on Surgical, Dental or Emergency / Critical Care.

For personal interest, I’ve been considering doing a Vet Nursing / Equine Nursing course to learn more about a specialised area of horse or animal care. However becoming employed at a vet practice isn’t something I foresee happening in the future as this isn’t particularly where I want to work.

A broodmare with no right eye.So, although the interest is there to learn more, it wasn’t really possible because I didn’t want to pursue vet nursing as a career. I do love stud work however and would consider going back to it, so it’s exciting to know that I could also be doing a Vet Nursing course, gaining another qualification and learning more skills that will be helpful in stud work.

Sometimes if you don’t think you can do what you want for a particular course, it’s worth looking around at all the possibilities to see if there might be just one that does things a little differently. Sometimes it’s just a question of taking a different path… er, window.

“They told me that when I bought a horse I would meet lots of new people. I did, and everyone of them is holding out their hands for money – the farrier, the saddler, the vet etc.”

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