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Immigration and Horses

I was recently looking on a job seeking site. It was specifically focused on equine related positions. An advert on the site led me to a person who specialised in immigration work relating to horses. I hadn’t considered the possibility of the two combining to create another horse related job – horses and immigration.

It shouldn’t be surprising if you are aware of the many that travel overseas to work with horses. Particularly in the racing industry, there are many people who need to organise varying visas so that they can work in another country.

Immigration and Horses - the Thoroughbred Industry is big on Workers who Travel

Immigration and Horses – the Thoroughbred Industry is big on Workers who Travel

This particular business helps with just that – immigration and horses. If you’re looking to work in the racing industry, they are well versed on what visas are needed and how to achieve this.

For someone who is undertaking a new job in another country, it must be nice to know there is qualified help available in this area. As someone who has worked in the thoroughbred breeding and racing industries, I have travelled overseas to study in Ireland. From here, I have made acquaintances who have come back to Australia to work in our thoroughbred industry.

Immigration and Horses

When I was actively involved in the stud side of things, I often worked with people from other countries.  They included South Africans, Irishmen and women and some from England. I know that a lot of Asian people are now making their way to Australia.  Here they can work and gain horse related qualifications. Immigration appears to be a big area and perhaps increasing more as people become aware of opportunities online.  They then decide to further themselves and their career in another country.

Immigration and horses could become a focal point for those who know of immigration law and want to focus on the niche area of equine employment.

“There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.” – Rolf Kopfle



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