In the Reins Debut Novel by Carly Kade

I was excited to receive debut novel In the Reins in the mail for review on Equus Education. The author Carly Kade has already been profiled, taking the time to answer some questions about her equestrian author career. Why not take a look?

In the Reins tells the story of country, turned city, turned country again cowgirl Devon Brooke. After moving to the city and pursuing life as a journalist, Devon becomes disillusioned. Her relationship with her fiancée is lacking much. Her career although promising, can be carried out from anywhere and when she discovers infidelity in her relationship, her reaction is to flee to the country.

In the Reins by Carly Kade
In the Reins by Carly Kade

Devon is like an excited girl, deciding she will once again take up her passion: horses. As she endeavours to find her dream horse, she seeks too, a place to board her equine. A place that will be quiet; a place that will have minimal people. She just wants to be alone with her horse and left alone by humanity. What she most definitely does not want is an interfering male.

When Devon finds what seems to be the perfect place to board her newly acquired mare Faith, she is excited about rediscovering her cowgirl skills. Excited until she realises that her enthusiasm isn’t enough to train her young and green horse.

Cue McKennon Kelly, a cowboy that works the horses at Greenbriar where Devon is boarding Faith. McKennon has a way with horses; a way that Devon needs to learn to develop a safe working and riding relationship with Faith.

Against her better judgement – and a warning from the owner of Greenbriar – Devon finds herself drawn to the good looking cowboy. Her desire for his horse skills – and his body – takes over to the point that she is unable to think clearly. Her attraction to McKennon puts herself and her horse at risk. Is it worth it?

In the Reins is a well named novel that features a lot of horse training moments. The horse side of the story I found to be really enjoyable and informative. The desire Devon harbours for McKennon I found to be too intense, to the point that a grown woman would put herself and her horse in danger to chase a cowboy around the performance world.

Throw in another cowboy who is keen to get his hands on Devon and you have an adult romance that features a lot of innuendo and lust filled pages. Definitely a read for adult horse fans. I would have enjoyed the story even more if the physical desire of the main character was taken down a notch or two.

Author: Carly Kade
Fiction – adult
In My Library? That it is!
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