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In the Sulkey

Trotter in Carbourg, France.

Perhaps you’re interested in being pulled along by a fast moving animal that weighs around 500kg rather than sitting on it’s back.If you’re into trotters and pacers rather than Thoroughbred racing and would consider pursuing work in this field, it’d be worth checking out the harness racing site with a locality near to you.

Harness racing is pretty big business in Australia and I’m sure in other countries and it offers you a few differences to the thoroughbred racing industry.

Taking a water break.You can still be involved in sales, breeding, racing and training but will learn about different gaits for a pacer, artificial insemination when it comes to breeding and a different type of jockey who is in a sulkey rather than on the back of the horse. If you’re able to land work on a property that breeds as well as trains, it may be possible to learn about artificial insemination and gain the skills required to be a driver for exercising horses and this could potentially lead to driving in races.

If you have an interest in the breeding side of things, I’d suggest looking into trotter studs in your area to gain some work.If it’s the idea of racing that thrills you more, than training stables might be more for your pursuit.

Either can be found through harness racing associations: – International Organisations for Harness Racing – Australia’s site for harness racing, including links to trainers, breeders and news current to the industry – the US trotting site with industry related links – for the pursuit of standardbred related work in Canada – if you want to be the owner, this site offers information on why you should race a pacer, costs, what you could win, trainers and other related information – Internet education via Bendigo Harness Racing

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“Horseperson’s Glossary… Fence: Decorative structure built to provide your horse something to chew on.”

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