Indian Summer

Indian Summer by Amy Elizabeth

I LOVED Cut and Run.  I loved that it had realistic characters, a great mix of fun and trying times.  And above all else, I loved how authentic the horse part of the story was and how easily it fit into the plot.  Upon finishing it, I thought, the second book can’t beat this, or even match it.

I was wrong. Indian Summer was all of these things as well.  Amy Elizabeth provides further depth to Alec’s character and introduces an interesting new character who has played a large part in Alec’s childhood.  His feelings toward his mother are well explained and Rebecca and Alec’s relationship grows deeper.

Alec battles with running the property that feels like it’s been thrown on him, as well as with keeping his father healthy.  Walter is aging and it is only as he grows weak in his older years that Alec discovers – and admits – that he has the horse gift his father became so well known for.

Throw in a thriving business, a hungry bear, an old flame and Indian Summer is a great follow on from Cut and Run.

Author: Amy Elizabeth
Fiction – adult
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“The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never.” – Yiddish Proverb

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