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Inspiritus Equine, Inc

Inspiritus Equine, Inc | Equus Education

Inspiritus Equine, Inc | Equus Education

Inspiritus Equine, Inc looks at integrated soundness solutions for the horse.  I was made aware of this site when reading Suffering in Silence.  I love the fact that there are businesses like this.  As it states on the Inspiritus Equine site, various healing methods from both Eastern and Western medicine are utilised to diagnose lameness in a horse.

Dr. Robson is able to provide insight from the veterinary chiropractic side of things as well as veterinary acupuncture.  Saddle-fit evaluations and infrared thermography are also offered.  The list is topped off by the availability of Chinese and also western herbal medicine.

On top of all these different ways to look at a horse’s well being and assess potential lameness issues, Dr. Robson also boasts helping to educate horse owners and treating the affected horse/s compassionately.

Inspiritus Equine, Inc

Most people will recognise that one person can’t do everything.  But when you have a network of capable equine professionals, much more is possible.  As it states on the Inspiritus Equine, Inc site:

“Inspiritus Equine, Inc. unites the best healing methods from both Eastern and Western Veterinary Medicine, with top industry professionals in farriery, saddlery, thermography, and classical foundation training, to create an integrated, sound equine body and mind.  Inspiritus Equine, Inc. provides a unique approach to your horse’s well-being. Dr. Robson evaluates each patient as a whole horse and emphasizes client education while providing invaluable resources.”

I have touched on the niche idea of a veterinarian with a farriery focus before.  This particular incorporation seems to take the idea of combining niches to a whole new level.  When you have access to a professional who is able to be educated in various fields, this can greatly benefit your horse.  And if they make use of other professionals in various areas, this too is a plus.

“There are strong similarities in the way horses and those with autism see the world. Horses are often born into an environment they don’t understand, with overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells, and a sense that no one understands them. And when they see someone with autism, who has much the same background, and who knows them, and knows what they need – there is a connection. Since the two share the same experiences, they both relax, and seem to talk and understand each other.”  – Valerie Ormond


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