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Interactivity With Horses

Well the past few days I’ve been volunteering at Equitana and finding yet more things I want to do with a non existent amount of free time!

I volunteered to work in the education area of the exhibit and spent the majority of my four shifts in the interactive area.  It was interesting to see all the free things set up to keep the groups of students and pony clubbers passing through.

These included:
– a mechanical bull
– a sulkey set up by Harness Racing Victoria in which you could sit and watch a race from the jockey’s point of view while the sulkey ran giving a bit of a feel for driving one.  I couldn’t help myself and had to try this one out considering I was manning it most of the time
– the computer game ‘Jumporama 2‘ created by Horse Riding Coach in which you could practice jumping your horse, acquiring points for each jump you cleared – I don’t seem to have the timing right to be successful at this one!
I was chatting with Bert Hartog from Horse Riding Coach and was impressed to find out that the equine coaching course can now be incorporated into year 11 and 12 subjects; being part of your VCE or HSC marks – great idea!
My Horse and Me 2, the result of a partnership with Atari and the FEI was also a big hit with many trying out the Wii version or the PlayStation version
– there was also the chance to try out some vaulting on the stationary horse with members from Sugargum Farm and the Star Struck Vaulters, Geelong

These were all a huge success but I think the simulation dressage horse at the Horseland stand may have trumped them all with the mile long queue to have a go. Apparently the life size horse responded to any little movement of your seat, legs or hands and you could carry out a dressage test, using aids to push the horse into a canter or bring back to a trot or walk.

For such a large equine related event that is carried out on a bi-annual basis, there is a market for those who can simulate horse related disciplines and offer the simulation for hire at events.

In Australia there are other events such as the Scone Horse Festival and I’m sure the likes of Pony Clubs and other riding clubs would potentially use such things. For those interested in simulation or equine related inter-activities, perhaps looking into these events and promoting a particular product may be the way to go.

“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!”

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