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Jockey Coaching

Generally, when I think of instructing horse riding, I tend to think of people learning to ride, often in an English style.  Or, perhaps learning the basics of riding out on a trail.

Jockeys need Coaching too

Now, I know this is a very small amount of the riding disciplines available out there, and I haven’t given the other areas enough focus on this blog!

A couple of weeks ago at the National Centre for Equine Education there was a UK based gentleman by the name of Steve Smith Eccles speaking with those gathered about coaching jockeys.

Steve and his work partner Michael coach jockeys in the UK about race riding. Their experience combined helps them to direct riders over jumps (national hunt) and on the flat.  Jockey Coaching is an initiative that was set up in conjunction with the British Racing School back in 2007.

Perhaps your passion is coaching or instructing riders.  Jockey Coaching seems to me a great set up that focuses on the niche of race riding!

“How to ride a horse: step one – mount the horse. Step two – stay mounted …”

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