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Johnny Mohawk

Fourth in the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series by Jenny Oldfield, this novel focuses on the gorgeous 5 year old half Arab stallion Johnny Mohawk that is part of the Scott family’s herd of horses.

With a new set of clients visiting the dude ranch run by the Scott family, Kirstie, her mother and brother come up against trouble with a father and son pair from Ireland who take part in the ride.  The son Stevie suffers a fall which causes problems.

Johnny Mohawk by Jenny OldfieldBeing from their own trekking company in Ireland, the pair are familiar with horses and trail rides. This doesn’t stop Stevie however from laying the blame on his mount, Johnny Mohawk.

Deemed unsafe by Stevie’s father, trouble ensues for the Scott family who have to seriously consider removing the horse from their business.

The situation that arises causing Stevie to become separated from the rest of the riding group and consequently falling without any witnesses shows how easy it is for a rider to get hurt and issues to result with regards to safety and who is liable.

Johnny Mohawk clearly shows the insurance issues that trail riding facilities have to deal with and what can happen when disgruntled customers try to get their way – even if not by true and legal means.

The main event the story is written around could easily be seen in real life making this story realistic; the only query I had was a trail riding place that allows clients to ride stallions out on the trail. This in itself is an insurance issue as it’s impossible to prove how much riding experience and horse knowledge a visiting person has.

Other than this, Johnny Mohawk tells the tale well, has you hoping the best for the Scott family and comes to a conclusion that is realistic and keeps the reader happy. A good follow on to the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series.

Author: Jenny Oldfield
In my library? Definitely.  I love collecting all the books of a series and this one wouldn’t be complete without each title in the series.
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“Canter is the cure for every evil.” – The Book Of Horse Quotes

I have one copy of Johnny Mohawk to give away! The first person to email me with the titles of the first four books in the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series will receive it. Email to, titled Horses of Half Moon Ranch.

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