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Lady’s Big Surprise

The first of the Lucky Foot Stable series, JoAnn Dawson writes of Mary and Jody – epic friends – who share a love of horses and spend their time with their ponies, always in each others company.

Writing of the typical adventures that young girls get up to, Dawson does a great job of describing the excitement of a first gymkhana and how not having the flashiest or most expensive pony doesn’t necessarily mean not getting a ribbon.

I loved reading about the girl’s ‘Secret Place’ and how their imagination is so rampant throughout the book. Their enthusiasm for each others ideas is great and I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of the end of the book when it came to Christmas time.

Lady's Big Surprise by JoAnn S. DawsonThe lovely surprise the girls get at the end is a great lead in for the next book of the currently written four in the Lucky Foot Stable series.

I learnt a bit about horses in harness while reading this book and love that the main adult in this book is good at encouraging and guiding the girls, constantly teaching and helping them.

The glossary of horse terms at the end of the book is an absolute winner, too! What better way to teach your horse crazy children then have them read such a book and be able to refer to the back for definitions on particular words they may not be familiar with?

An awesome book for horse crazy pre teens that encourages adventure, believing in yourself and an active imagination; I really enjoyed reading Lady’s Big Surprise.

Author: JoAnn S. Dawson
In my library?  Indeed!  A great start to the series of which I have the first four books.  Another awesome addition for preteens to the likes of the Pony Pals series.

“Horses have as much individuality and character as people.” – C.W. Anderson

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