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Lights, Camera, Action!

Today in class we were looking at different foaling alarms and ways to be notified of when a mare is foaling and the best ways to be able to keep an eye on her without invading. One such system involved camera’s set up in a foaling box and being able to assess whether or not it was necessary to actually go out to the horse.

It got me thinking about the different companies that provide such set ups for:
– those who want to be able to see their mare foaling
– the driver who wants to keep an eye on their cargo as they make the trip from the Hunter Valley to Newmarket for a yearling sale
– the proud owner who wants to know their prize mares are under surveillance 24/7

Whatever the size of the expected bundle, you won't want to miss it's arrival.When I spent a short stint at Emirates Park in Murrurundi, New South Wales, I was amazed to see the truck the yearlings were loaded onto – all done up in the stud’s colours with the racing silks painted on the side. There were four cameras set up in the driver’s cab so that he could keep an eye on the precious (and expensive) cargo that he was transporting. Brilliant! And costly, I’m sure.

Perhaps the set up of camera systems or the production of these technologies is more your expertise but you also have a passion for horses. There are a number of ‘barn cam’ providers around: – Saddlebrook Barn Cams – Riverwind Surveillance Supply Company – allows the viewing of cameras set up on others’ properties. – wireless float/foaling camera kit.

“Horses are the most agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

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