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Maintenance on Equine Properties

Some of the appeal of working with horses is the fact that it’s outdoors, especially when the weather’s so gorgeous! I also love to work with plants and love seeing a huge improvement on a property due to someone’s careful planning and maintenance. When I have my place I love the idea of being able to do it all but will no doubt look into getting at least one full time maintenance person/grounds keeper.

Some beneficial skills to have if interested in pursuing this type of position for a horse property include:
– Being able to drive a tractor
– Fencing skills (unlike myself who can quite capably hit my thumb rather than the nail with my left or right hand)
– Manage a ride on mower
– General gardening knowledge and skills, especially pertaining to the maintenance of paddocks for grazing
– Painting/work with chemicals and the knowledge of them

Having knowledge in maintenance and gardening would be a bonus as a lot of the studs I have worked on have one person that does both. I know I’ll be investing in someone who can help me out with windbreaks, correct types of fencing for different classes of horses and the sort of plants that will benefit my property and not cause the horses any harm.

Layered windbreak.Whoever planned out this windbreak, I’d love to ask them a few questions!
I can think of nothing better than having a paddock that is lined with trees and shrubs that are going to provide shade from the sun, protection from strong winds and shelter from rain. A person that is also aware of plants that can be sustained in drought conditions and potentially used as roughage for horses would be a huge asset, also.

“…he did not feel the ground under his feet…he thrust himself into the capriole, rose high in the air…forelegs and hind legs horizontal. He soared above the ground, his head high in jubilation. Conquering!” – Felix Salten

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2 Responses to “Maintenance on Equine Properties”

  • hi. my name is joel. im 27 years old, i only have high school and llttie college education. im very poor and im on disability for chronic migraines and mental health issues which come along with that burden. in the past few years i have been getting into horses. i cant get enough of them or stop learning about them. something inside is telling me this is what i need to do, but i dont know how to get started. your podcasts make me feel fired up about doing something about it. i have been spending time at a local barn. i take 1 lesson a week and pay to ride the same horse another day per week. i groom my trainers horses for exercise and something to do, and she loves it. it calms me down and keeps me fit. one of the main problems with my disability is that it is so hard to stay healthy which is a main causing factor. i feel like this is my best chance at reaching a level of health and happiness and that i may be able to overcome my problems and actually have a real job or career. my strong points are that my heart is in it, i dont have too much fear on the ground, i love to get dirty and spend time with the horses, i love to sweat and get a workout. its just that i havent been working for years and i have no money beond what i need to pay bills and ride. no recent work experience means its hard to find a job at all. plus i live near detroit, michigan and it’s practically 3rd world here. if you don’t know what kind of advice to give to me, that’s ok, but maybe you have some ideas so i thought i’d be worth asking. i would love to hear from you guys. if i begin making progress towards the life i desire i will definately keep ya’ll updated and speak highly of ya’ll.

  • Hi Joel!

    Horse work is great for your physical fitness and health in general, I believe! Can you get a reference from the local barn where you ride and help out a little?

    That’d be a good start! Perhaps they may even be able to point you toward a job that could be available?

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