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Marcus Minds Weekend in June

Good ole’ Facebook pointed out an event that was occurring near me recently. Because I know the college in question offers horse courses, I wandered over to have a look at their event.  This then led me to their website.  The event is titled Marcus Minds Weekend.

Now in all honesty, I would not consider this event ‘near’ me! It is over 3 hours drive away. But, it still may be of interest to some of you! Marcus Oldham College offer a Diploma of Horse Business Management.  This is one that I looked into well over 15 years ago when considering study options. For those who love the idea of working on the land, they also have a course that focuses on Agribusiness.

Marcus Minds Weekend

Marcus Minds Weekend - where you can Experience Life as a Future Student

Marcus Minds Weekend – where you can Experience Life as a Future Student

On Friday the 23rd of June through to Sunday the 25th of June, Marcus Oldham College are running an event for prospective students. On this Marcus Minds weekend, the idea is that you come along and experience the facilities and see life from the eyes of a student.

I love the idea that those who are seeking out where to study, can experience what their life will be like if they enrol at a particular educational institution. I remember many years ago looking at this particular venue and being impressed. The cost of the course I was interested in however was well over $20,000.  Even with a scholarship (that covered about half of this), it was going to be a steep investment.  And one that at that time I couldn’t afford.

I have since heard wonderful things about the course and from students who have undertaken it.  For those students who can afford this financial investment, it is worth looking into. Though I may be biased, thinking all horse courses are worth looking into! 😉

“Yet when books have been read and reread, it boils down to the horse, his human companion, and what goes on between them.” ― Walter Farley

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