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Me in Ten Years Time

Front gate at Mill Valley Ranch

I’m back home this evening from two days at Mill Valley Ranch with a few classes worth of Certificate II in Horse Studies students.

Apparently each year the first and second year students spend the two days at Mill Valley Ranch making use of the gorgeous horses on the property and willing staff having riding lessons and getting marked off for practical tasks as part of their certificate.

I was lucky enough to be asked to help out with the two days, assessing students on tacking up horses, putting on different types of boots/protective gear and dismantling and putting together parts of the saddle/bridle. I learnt quite a bit from the students while doing so!

Wagon's that visitors stay in on the ranch.

They’re a very switched on group which is great – I think back to when I did my Certificate II and don’t think my year consisted of so many that were so familiar with horses and the management of. It was a great two days and as one who hadn’t been to Mill Valley Ranch before, I was interested to hear from Arthur who set it up and how that came about.

On the Thursday night he spent half an hour or so explaining to the group how he came to be a Christian in his teens and how things lead to him setting up the Ranch which really offers value for money. It shows through the cost and the staff that they aren’t about making money. They are about providing a service and shining the light of their beliefs. I had an absolute ball.

Chapel at Mill Valley Ranch

Something that really resonated with me was Arthur’s talk of how he traveled around a lot of ranches/camps as his great desire was to set up his own place. As he did so, he made note of things he wanted and would use in his own place and has done so, making it uniquely his.

I kept thinking – this is me! I do the same with all the horse properties I visit and have a terrible habit of collecting seeds from places if the plant appeals to me. It’s all in my head how the place is going to look! I’m just waiting for the time I stumble across the property where I can set up my horse property and serve others.

“Life is short. Ride hard.”

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2 Responses to “Me in Ten Years Time”

  • I love how God keeps leading you to places that feeds your dream – which is a dream He has implanted in you!

  • We should all have such dreams as to inspire us to go forth and be what we seek to be. I have small dreams now in hopes to make the bigger ones later. *smiles
    Thank you for stopping by …An Unfinished Project and giving me a pointer for my newsletter stuff. I have made a few word searches and other fun things with words.
    take care and happy horsin’ around.

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