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Megasus Horserunners

A friend shared this Megasus Horserunners link with me on Facebook and I love the concept – unique!  This is a new business idea and they are currently raising funds to get it off the ground.

So what’s it all about?

The world’s first clippable runners for horses, using our patent pending Mega Lock Fastener Technology.

We have developed brand new hoof protection for horses using cutting edge technology.

Meet the Megasus Horserunners – the world’s first shock absorbing hoof protection that allows all natural hoof movements and works on any type of terrain. Think of these as the first DIY running shoes for horses!

Our patent pending high performance fastener system allows you to easily clip the Megasus Horserunners on and off at maximum convenience for both, horse and owner – without using any nails! FABULOUS!

Megasus Horserunners - Would you be Interested in a Shoeing Alternative for Your Horse?

Megasus Horserunners – Would you be Interested in a Shoeing Alternative for Your Horse?

Megasus Horserunners

There are just over three weeks left on the kickstarter website where funds are being raised to get this project going.  They were aiming for a total of 100,000 euros and had just over 104,000 pledged as I wrote this post!  You can check out their official website and also pre-order the product!  Why not have a look?

I love seeing new horse businesses starting out and being supported by the equine community.  It’s great to see that horses truly can be a career and there are some brilliant people out there making such useful products!

The world of equine podiatry is an interesting and also expanding one, with many people shying away from typical horseshoes.  It’s truly interesting to see what other products are being put forward as substitutes.

“If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that horses do listen to you. They may not have a clue what you’re saying, but they know the tone in which you say it. I’ll sing to horses so hooked on their own nerves they’re ready to climb into the sky, and sometimes it’s one of the only things that keep them on the ground.” ― Mara Dabrishus

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