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Mentoring for a Horse Career

I was made aware of a website online awhile ago that offered part time / casual work for mentors. If you were to be mentoring people, then you made yourself available via Skype or online to be able to talk with mentees at a time that mutually suited. Mentoring could be in relation to study, career choice or other life choices. And this got me to thinking – why not mentoring for a horse career?

So there are two options I believe for this to be a horse career:

  • Someone could set up and provide a place online where people are able to mentor others with regards to horses
  • People can become a mentor with regards to horses for those in need
Mentoring for a Horse Career - Would you do it?

Mentoring for a Horse Career – Would you do it?

So this perhaps raises the question – what would someone need a mentor for? And what that relates to horses?

Take your pick! People could provide mentoring in the areas of :

  • Buying your first horse
  • Choosing a horse career
  • Help with organisation of a horse business
  • Assistance with regards to studying horses / completing a horse course

Mentoring for a Horse Career

I am sure there are many people with a wealth of skills, knowledge and qualifications regarding horses. It’s quite possible that they could couple this with a desire to help others. If there was a place online that linked capable mentors with those seeking guidance, I believe this could be another way to earn income in the horse industry.

Whether you’re just starting out with horses or in the horse industry, or whether you’re a season pro – what area do you think you could have had the assistance of a mentor in?

“For many young girls, having a horse of their own ranks high on the scale of importance, right up there with breathing.” ― Kim Meeder

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