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Missionville by Alex Brown

Recently Equus Education had the opportunity to profile Alex with regards to his career as an exercise rider. He has newly released a horse racing novel titled Missionville.

I was rapt to be able to receive a copy of this book to read before it’s release. Missionville tells an interesting tale of behind the scenes of racing. It is an intriguing mystery, written by someone obviously in the know about the racing industry.

The reader is first introduced to Pete Wright, a struggling trainer at Missionville, the local Pennsylvania Racetrack. Pete is in the business of claiming horses as cheap as he can for his one owner. He then trains the horse, races it to hopefully win and sells it on again in another claiming race, turning a quick dollar.

Missionville by Alex Brown | Equus Education

Missionville by Alex Brown | Equus Education

Although Pete had grand ideas about being a top racehorse trainer, he has found himself struggling to make bread and butter. In time he accepts a job through local track pony rider, Jake. The job is the lowest of the low in Pete’s opinion. It involves delivering horses to slaughter. Once was enough for Pete and he vows never to do it again, no matter how desperate for money he is.

Cue Amanda, successful bank manager and keen horse lover. Amanda spends her weekends at the track, building up connections. She is working to make the after racing life of thoroughbreds more promising. She hates what is happening in the slaughter world. When Amanda learns of Pete’s connection to driving the horses to slaughter, she realises she has an in that could help to bring the whole sordid industry to an end.

In time Pete and Amanda work together to stop the overt slaughtering of racehorses. When Pete realises something is fishy with one of the other horse owners – who just happens to own the racetrack – he knows he needs to investigate further.

Missionville is a great mix of horses, mystery and romance. It’s also a delightful look at the behind the scenes of racing on a small country track.

Author – Alex Brown
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an electronic copy it is!
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.


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