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New Years weekend I visited the parents and checked out a bookshop nearby with mum. There were many, many non fiction books for the horse enthusiast but not looking to spend too much, I was rapt to find a couple of the Thoroughbred series on sale and a couple by author Terri Farley.

Familiar with her Phantom Stallion series, I was interested to find that in 2008 the two books that were in the store were created as what seems to be a spinoff series. Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island is set in Hawaii, the main character being young Darby.

In book seven of the series, Mistwalker, Darby is living with her grandfather in Hawaii on his 2000 acre ranch, ‘Iolani Ranch. Her mother is a well known actress and when younger had a falling out with her father, causing strain between the two. When Darby’s mother comes for a visit, the young girl concocts a plan to convince her mum that ‘Iolani Ranch is the place for them.

Mistwalker by Terri FarleyJonah Kealoha, her grandfather breeds and trains purebred quarter horses on his ranch and is against the idea of other breeds and types – especially paints – on his farm.

Darby has acquired herself a wild filly in the form of Hoku – which means star. Aware that she has a lot to learn, Darby spends many hours with her filly, training and building a relationship with her as well as improving her riding skills on other reliable horses.

While out riding in the rain forest, Darby comes across a beautiful paint mare. With the impending arrival of her mother to the island, after stumbling across her mother’s diary as a teenager, Darby questions if the paint mare might be the answer to convincing her mother that Wild Horse Island is the place for them.

Set in gorgeous surroundings with interesting culture, characters, and the Hawaiian language thrown into the mix and of course horses, Wild Horse Island is an exciting read.

Author: Terri Farley
In my library? Definitely! It’s great to see Terri Farley working on another series with great characters and culture. An enticing read for early teens.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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