Moon Filly

In line with catching up on some old favourites, I decided to read over one of the Elyne Mitchell Silver Brumby stories that I hadn’t actually read before.

Moon Filly tells the tale of a young foal that is orphaned shortly after being brought to a new herd with her dying mother. Wurring, a rising yearling colt with chestnut coat and silver through his mane and tail, recognises something different about the mare and foal – an alluring quality.

As the young filly mourns the loss of her mother, Wurring takes her under his wing and brings her to be with his dam Yarran. Yarran nurses the filly foal, having still been feeding Wurring.

It is as the young filly is coming towards the end of her first year that a steel grey stallion seeks out the herd, desperately searching for her mother. When he doesn’t find what he wants, he instead takes this young filly that Wurring has named Ilinga.

Young Ilinga is driven far from her new home and east to country that she finds so familiar, despite having joined Wurring’s herd at a young age. As Ilinga is desperately considering how she can escape the mean spirited grey, Wurring is seeking the young filly.

Moon Filly follows the lives of two young horses that are strangely brought together – one that represents the moon and the other the sun. As often seems to be the way with wild horses in this series, it is difficult to expect such young horses to be able to defeat older mature animals. Wurring is greatly injured in a battle with the steel grey stallion and finds himself hostage in the stallion’s herd. It is Ilinga who finds him, but the pair cannot escape with Wurring so lame.

Moon Filly follows an interesting story line, with the two young horses constantly struggling to survive and be together. It’s a great read for young and old alike and has a well rounded ending.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
Genre: Fiction
In my library? You bet! I found this one to be a really enjoyable read, in spite of being separate from the Silver Brumby family members.
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“A silver brumby is special but he will be hunted by horse and man alike.” – Elyne Mitchell

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