Morning Glory (North Oak 3) by Ann Hunter

Morning Glory is the third book in the North Oak series by Ann Hunter. Alex is finding herself fitting in with the Showman family and she’s just starting to feel like she could belong. With an unusual sense of anticipation for a family Christmas, Alex is dragged shopping with Laura Showman, her honorary sister.

Whilst out, the girls get into an amusing debate about Santa Claus. As they continue the heated discussion, Laura gets distracted whilst driving and there is an accident. When Laura’s future health looks grim, Alex finds herself wracked with guilt. Add to this the fact that the Showmans seem to only have eyes for their ailing daughter, and Alex questions how she could have gotten her hopes up about belonging in the family.

Morning Gory (North Oak 3) by Ann Hunter
Morning Gory (North Oak 3) by Ann Hunter

As Alex is questioning where she fits into the scheme of things at North Oak, Brooke is determining what she wants for her own future in racing. When she is asked to ride for another trainer, she is rapt at the opportunity to make some of her own connections. The filly that she rides – Morning Glory – sweetens the deal, too. Brooke is in love and determines to purchase the filly when she comes into some unexpected money.

Unfortunately, Morning Glory is well named and so Brooke struggles to work out what can make the filly perform like she knows she can.

Morning Glory is a great exploration of North Oak’s three teenage girls and their own battles in life. They are human and flawed and can all do with a little grace at times. The third book in the series is an interesting follow on from the first two and introduces readers to a new character who looks like he could be sticking around. Worth the read.

Author – Ann Hunter
Fiction – teen
In my library – Indeed it is as a Kindle version!
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