Mustang Moon by Terri Farley

The second book in the Phantom Stallion series, Mustang Moon finds Samantha Forster once again fighting for the Phantom’s freedom. A stallion is snatching mares from ranches and Linc Slocum is convinced it is the Phantom.

Mustang Moon by Terri Farley
Mustang Moon by Terri Farley

In a bid to catch the stallion and also gain the return of his prize Appaloosa mare, Slocum offers a reward. The financial sum is for whomever can catch the stallion and return his mare unharmed.

Sam is devastated to think that the local area could soon be swarming with non horsey people trying to catch her beloved horse. She knows they will be drawn to the area for the money.

With her friend Jake, Sam devises a plan that will have two benefits. She knows if she catches the horses, then she can save her beloved Phantom and use the money to help her father’s struggling ranch. There is one thing however, she needs to catch the real stallion that is stealing mares, not her beloved Phantom.

Sam knows another horse is responsible for the missing mares. She’s seen him in action. She just doesn’t know how she’s going to prove it to anyone.

As a new role at school provides her with an opportunity to get proof, Sam jumps on it. She just needs for everything to fall into place so she can get photos of the stallion stealing the mares, capture and return the expensive Appaloosa to Slocum and gain the reward. Can she do it?

Mustang Moon is a great follow on from the first book in the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley. It features the main characters of Sam, her father and grandmother and of course Jake. The added challenge of returning to school and developing friends is also thrown into this novel, providing another area to learn about Sam and the challenges she faces as she grows up.

Author: Terri Farley
Fiction – teen
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