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It Happened By Design, Kathie M. ThomasMum picked up the hard copies of her latest book Monday 27th of October and they look great.  The invested interest for me in this book?  I’m in it!

It Happened By Design is a series of God-Incidence stories.  One occurred for me while I was studying at the Irish National Stud in 2006.  Titled Right Time, Right Place it features on pages 102-104.

One was rather excited about it all, so thought I’d share though the post isn’t particularly horsey!

It is however a step in the right direction toward my goal of getting my horse book published.  Just got to get off my backside and actually finish the thing!  (I’m about half way through having written it, with the word count so far at just over 79,000).

It Happened By Design, Kathie M. Thomas

For those of you who have a dream of combining their love of horses with their love of writing, it’d be worth your while to weigh up the pros and cons of finding a publisher and self publishing.Equine author JoAnn Dawson, “began by self-publishing and worked very hard to get my books out on the market, then my series was picked up by Sourcebooks, after which I wrote a fourth book.”

With the joys of the internet, anything’s possible.  Shop around! Speaking of shopping, if the above book appeals to you at all, you can purchase it through Amazon or order it at the official site.

If you order it from the official site, perhaps you could leave a note in the comments to say that you found out about the book through Equus. 🙂

If you’re at all interested in my equine related work in progress, you can read the first two chapters on this site.

“Words are as beautiful as wind horses, and sometimes as difficult to corral.” – Ted Berkman, The Christian Science Monitor

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