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National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance

Recently I was reading a novel by Alex Brown. It made reference to the NTRA or National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance. This is in action in the United States. The NTRA has a Safety and Integrity Alliance that focuses on six broad areas within the industry:

  • injury reporting and prevention
  • creating a safer racing and training environment
  • uniform medication, testing and penalties
  • safety and health of jockeys
  • aftercare and transition of retired racehorses
  • wagering security

As it says on their website:

“The health and safety of our human and equine athletes and the integrity of our sport are horseracing’s top priorities. The Safety & Integrity Alliance is horse racing’s key mechanisms for implementation of important safety and integrity initiatives on a uniform basis nationwide.”

Were you Aware of the National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance?

Were you Aware of the National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance?

The National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance

Racetracks can choose to be assessed by the NTRA and be accredited if they pass in the above six areas. This is a great way to ensure racing fans that the racetrack and those involved are working towards a healthy future for horse people and the horses themselves.

For someone who has a love of racing and equine welfare, perhaps a position with the NTRA may be worth looking into.

Likewise, if you’re involved in the racing industry in your country, perhaps you know there is no similar setup where you are.  Well then, maybe you’re just the person to encourage such an initiative to take place!

There are many organisations that are put in place to keep people ethical and accountable.  They are also there to make sure sports are safe. This is a great idea so that the sport in question isn’t brought under ridicule by the public. It also shows that people involved in the sport are dedicated to safe and legal practices.  Setups like the NTRA can benefit many.

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