Nevada Free

This book was a free download on Kindle after I did a search on ‘horse’ and I couldn’t resist! Any free horse book is worth getting, in my opinion!

Nevada Free by Nan Carder

Kennedy Blake lives a solitary life with her parents having passed on and her two siblings living their lives elsewhere. Although she is alone, she loves her life that is filled with cattle, dogs, horses and a 400 acre property.

At one point in her life, she thought it was going to be herself, a man and a family on the ranch. But an ultimatum with her fiancée left Kennedy heart broken and no longer interested in trusting men.

Ten years later and Garrett Hamilton is back in town on business, but also to reclaim the heart of the woman he loves. Nevada Free is a great mix of mystery, romance and western.

The story would have been a lot more to my liking however if it didn’t have so many grammatical errors and spelling issues. Changes in tense occurred not only in paragraphs, but also mid sentence, making the initial reading of the story somewhat difficult!

Author: Nan Carder
Fiction – western romance
In my library? As an ebook, it is!
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“Some are slaves on the ground but are free on a horse.” – Author unknown

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