No Pizza Delivery? by Grace Marshall

Fourteen-year-old Ruth is the main character of the first book in the Horse Haven series. Ruth finds her world is suddenly changed when her father announces his desire to move – to a large horse property.

Peter misses living on land and around animals and is keen to set up a ranch. The fact that he is wealthy means he is able to invest in this dream – he just needs to find the right property. Ruth doesn’t want to see her father unhappy, but she’s not sure why they can’t secure land in Wisconsin where they already are; where she has friends and school.

No Pizza Delivery? by Grace Marshall
No Pizza Delivery? by Grace Marshall

She doesn’t want to move hours away to a place with few people where there is also no pizza delivery. This aptly named book follows the transition for Peter, Ruth and her brother David as they relocate and experience a new way of life.

Ruth knows she will miss her friends but is excited by the idea of having horses. The fact that her dad looks to be hiring an attractive young man to manage the property also doesn’t hurt.

As Ruth gets established at Sainte Genevieve, she is pleased to find a potential church with her family.  It’s also great that she is now close to her cheeky grandfather. As time passes however, she struggles to stay in touch with her friends and she finds that Emmett the stable hand shouldn’t be taken at face value.

No Pizza Delivery? sets the scene well for future books in the series. I would have loved to see more reference to the family’s Christian faith, however and this belief shown more in the main character’s behaviour. The story features horses nicely, however.

Author: Grace Marshall
Fiction – teen
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