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Monty Roberts Equus Online University

Boy have I not been aware of a niche area online! Although I too am offering horse related courses online (equine passive streams and breeding the mare), I wasn’t aware of how popular this was! Recently reading Alyssa Knee’s debut book, Spike, I was made aware of Monty Roberts Equus Online University.

Monty Roberts Equus Online University - Have you Enrolled?

Monty Roberts Equus Online University – Have you Enrolled?

It makes sense to me that trainers would have online courses.  Especially those who have gained a following locally – and even worldwide. How wonderful to be able to pay a subscription fee and to then have access to many resources. These often include videos and articles by the trainer/s.  In fact, there’s a deal going on their site currently:

Register now with the promotional code ‘DAYPASS’ and you’ll have access to over 350 Monty Roberts quick and easy training and instructional videos and lesson notes. Learn at your own pace with Monty Roberts. See for yourself why people say that Monty is the best, and the original ‘horse whisperer’, recognized by our international Equus community for his gentle and effective horse training.

Monty Roberts Equus Online University

Monty Roberts has his own website and products, which you can find here. To have his own domain and setup for an online university also, I think is awesome. Here you can access a lot of his resources and products. For those who are familiar with his join up work and the dually halter, you may be interested to purchase the head collar for your horse work.

Here is a trainer who provides some great examples of what you can turn into income through training and reaching other people:

  • videos that people subscribe to (passive income!)
  • live demonstrations that people pay to attend
  • horse products for better handling or welfare
  • qualifications to be able to teach others the same training method

Horse training will always be big, I believe. As long as we have domestic horses, we will need guidance. Having such a place as an online university for a particular method is great. It provides you with a local area to talk with others about their progress as well as learning.

Horse Hair Jewellery – Red-Tail Designs

Whilst reading Rosie and Scamper by Vicki Watson, I was made aware of the idea of horse hair jewellery. This was particularly in the form of bracelets made from horse hair.

At the end of this novel, Vicki provides details from one such jewellery designer. Susan of Red-Tail Designs has a website detailing the products that she makes and sells around the world. What’s unique about her designs is that they are named after specific horses that have affected her life.

As it says on her website:

Who knew a purchase from a tiny gift shop in a Montana airport would spark a new business venture?
That’s what happened in the mid-1990s when Susan Newquist found a barrette adorned with a simple 3-strand horse hair braid She bought the barrette, all the while thinking like any good craft aficionado, “I could make that.”

Horse Hair Jewellery

If you desire to have a personalised gift, then you can actually send her horse hair from your horse.  Or maybe a friend’s horse and it can be turned into jewellery. This can be a great memento for friends, especially if they have lost an equine friend.

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

This is another example of a unique horse related business and product. What is special about it is that it can be unique to each person.  This is through being created from the hair of a horse they know. There are a number of different designs available to buy, at varying prices. Being made from an animal product, there is a question of customs and getting the hair out of your country to Susan.  This is so that she can make your design. That said, it is possible to do and she can answer questions regarding custom queries as is shown on her site.

Further adding to her art, Susan also provides classes on creating jewellery like hers.  The events listed on her site don’t appear to be recent, but perhaps with enough interest she would be willing to do more!

“For the most part, I’d say if you crossed a cat with a smart dog, made him a matriarchal vegetarian, gave him sleek beauty, a mass of muscle, and the desire to run, then what you’d have is a horse.” ― Tom Spanbauer

Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson

The first book in the Sonrise Stable series, Rosie and Scamper was downloaded for free from the Sonrise Stable website. This series focuses on horses and the Christian faith.  It is aimed at pre-teens.

Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson

Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson

Rosie and Scamper takes a journey over a couple of years. The reader is first introduced to young Rosie and her adventures with her grandmother who owns and loves horses. Rosie loves her grandmother’s pony Jet and is excited at the prospect of Jet having a foal. When Scamper comes along however, the situation is far from pleasant.

Rosie learns to work with Scamper whilst he is young, improving his ground manners and training. A couple of years later she is even able to get on his back and learn right along with him. During this journey, Rosie becomes acquainted with the neighbours’ foster daughter, Carrie.

Although they have a rocky start, the two become firm friends and Carrie learns to ride and love horses, too. Rosie and Scamper looks at horse ownership and care and the Christian faith. Rosie’s grandmother has many bible verses and stories to help explain things in life. She is a very loving and knowledgeable character.

Carrie learns in time how wonderful Rosie’s parents, cousins and aunts and uncles are, too. As she comes to love Rosie’s family, Carrie is delighted by a request of theirs at the end of the story. Rosie and Scamper is a beautiful tale for young readers with a lot of horse information, plenty of bible verses and much adventure. The book is concluded with an interview with a horse trainer and details about horse hair jewellery that was referenced in the story for readers to learn about.

Author – Vicki Watson
Fiction – children
In my library – On Kindle it is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Harmany Grazing Muzzles

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn and was made aware of a different type of grazing muzzle. Harmany grazing muzzles are promoted as muzzles for horses that are lighter, breathable, adjustable and humane to name a few qualities.

Harmany Grazing Muzzles Focus on the Welfare of the Horse

Harmany Grazing Muzzles Focus on the Welfare of the Horse

Why on earth would a horse need a grazing muzzle? With the joys of domestication and improved pastures, often horses are able to eat too much of a good thing. When you consider that they can graze for 12 – 20 hours a day, it’s no surprise that they sometimes need restricting! A grazing muzzle can be a way for horses to be allowed out in paddocks with their companions, rather than restricted to a small yard or stall.

It also allows them to continue to graze – it just restricts their input. This is a lot healthier for an animal that needs food consistently moving through its digestive tract.

Harmany Grazing Muzzles

It’s great to see products that have been designed by people in the know. The Harmany muzzle has been designed by veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harmany. It boasts 25 – 50% more breathing room for horses. It is also said to mould to individual horse head shape.

Yes there are many horse products on the market out there. However, it’s quite possible that you’ve found a particular product that has a major flaw.  Or, you see how one can be improved greatly. It’s always an open market for the person who designs a product that is better! Perhaps your horse career future is in designing and marketing a future horse product for riding or welfare.

“A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open.” ― Gerald Raftery

Horse Video Subscriptions – Warwick Schiller

Whilst reading Spike by Alyssa Knee, I saw a reference to online horse video subscriptions. The trainer referenced was Warwick Schiller. With trusty old Google, a search online quickly brought up some relevant results.

Warwick Schiller has a focus on performance horsemanship. Much can be learnt from horse trainers. With the ability to access videos online, we can specifically see an idea being acted out with a horse and the results. The trainer can also provide feedback as they carry out the task, or later as a voice over.

Horse Video Subscriptions - what would you Subscribe to?

Horse Video Subscriptions – what would you Subscribe to?

Warwick has on his website horse video subscriptions. There is the chance for anyone to subscribe to these on a monthly basis, or even annually. Now this can have appeal for many reasons:

  • You can sign up for the monthly subscription.  Then you can watch as much as you possibly can in that timeframe (there are over 400 videos)
  • You can take your time over a yearly subscription  From here, set yourself a goal of watching a certain number of videos a week/month to improve your horse knowledge
  • You can try out concepts discussed in these videos with horses that you work with
  • This is another great example of passive income.  The videos are made once and paid for by subscribers so that they can be viewed over and again

Horse Video Subscriptions

For many well known trainers and horse people out there, video subscriptions have a great following. Videos can be created by horse people in the know on training, riding, presenting, feeding, trimming feet – the list goes on!

If you want to learn more about horses in a particular field, have a search online for videos that relate to this. If you want to share your wealth of knowledge and earn an income from it, consider videos that people subscribe to view. Horse video subscriptions work both ways.

Finding Your Equine Soul Mate by Michele Cook

This is a non fiction horse book that I recently downloaded for free on Kindle. Finding Your Equine Soul Mate: A Guide to Buying Your First Horse is an easy to read guide for first time horse buyers. It is broken up into the areas of getting started, finding a horse trainer, determining your budget and what you want in a horse. After this, the reader learns about horse shopping, the purchase process, bringing the horse home, horse auctions and some final thoughts.

Finding Your Equine Soul Mate by Michele Cook

Finding Your Equine Soul Mate by Michele Cook

I believe this book to be of value particularly because it is written by someone who is in the know. Michele has a background with horses – owning, competing, training and instructing others. She is therefore able to guide first time buyers about what to look out for when purchasing their dream horse.

Interspersed through the chapters are stories from other people about purchasing experiences. Some of these are incredible and scary – there are some not nice characters in the horse selling world!

When looking at what the buyer would like in a horse, different disciplines are explained. For those who want to know more, various books and websites are provided as reference points for the reader. This was a nice added bit of value.

The book seemed to me to have a particularly American focus, when I feel the topic is relevant to anyone around the world. It didn’t however detract from the information in the book; there were just some terms or assumptions that indicated buying a horse in the United States. Finding Your Equine Soul Mate by Michele Cook is an easy to understand book with valuable information for those looking to invest in their first horse.

Author – Michele Cook
Non Fiction – adult
In my library – On Kindle it is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Horse Riding Camps

I have been reading a children’s horse book – Izzy’s Chance by Doreen Bairstow.  In it there was a reference to Scripture Union. Being a horsey book, I thought perhaps it was a horse riding camp with a Christian focus. Although horse riding is available, the focus isn’t on horse riding camps.

But this got me to thinking. Why not horse riding camps as a horse related career?

When I was teaching horse studies at Box Hill TAFE, once a year we had an intensive practical camp.  This was held over a couple of days for the Certificate II in Horse Studies students. They got to ride twice a day and other sessions involved practical classes relating to horses.

Horse Riding Camps - Would you set one up?

Horse Riding Camps – Would you set one up?

Horse Riding Camps

Having a property set up with the specific focus on horse riding and care I believe could be a great niche. It could cater to educational facilities that offer horse courses. If they’re looking for a place where their students can ride and do practical sessions, I am sure a camp would appeal!

For the parent with a horse crazy son or daughter, knowing they can book them in for a riding camp over the holidays would also be appealing. Offering weekend camps could be of benefit too. It would just be a question of marketing the property so that people know what it could be used for. There may be certain times of the year that are more in demand – school holidays, weekends for example.

However, if other times of the year are marketed correctly, horse riding camps could bring in income all year round. For example, they could be marketed to equestrian teams with professional equestrian riders holding workshops and making use of the property and its horses. Horse riding camps – why not?

Horsenality – Determining Your Horse’s Personality

I have recently read two non-fiction horse books that have referenced their horse’s personality. This is carried out through a behavioural test and is commonly known as their horsenality. Did you know that your horse can be a:

  • Left brain extrovert
  • Right brain extrovert
  • Right brain introvert or a
  • Left brain introvert?
Horsenality - do you Know Your Horse's Personality?

Horsenality – do you Know Your Horse’s Personality?

Having read through horsenality training do’s and don’ts, I love that there are guidelines for horse owners on what is acceptable, based on their horse’s personality! Not every horse can be trained the same way.


Have you noticed how some horses are more reactive, whilst others appear calm, almost lazy and even non responsive? When you observe horse behaviour, do you see those that are dominant and those that are not? This is an indication of their individual personality. For those who want to know more, you can read about the different personalities here. Reading over this article, I can determine immediately that my first gelding was a right brained extrovert. What about you?

As it says on the Parelli site:

Why is this important? Well, knowing whether your horse is confident or fearful, extroverted or introverted, or motivated by food vs. play can make all the difference in the world. An exercise that makes one horse literally jump for joy could be absolutely terrifying for another horse. Knowing what makes your horse tick can be the difference between a lifelong partnership and a constant struggle.

If you want to be able to take the test on behalf of a particular horse, then you can purchase the report in digital copy.

For those who love horse behaviour and training, have you considered creating products to assist other horse owners and trainers? Another form of equine passive income! This is a great example of a tool that has been created and can also be utilised by any horse owner or handler. Why not check it out?

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The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

It seems to be a time for non fiction horse books for me! I recently finished reading The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker. This was a book I was gifted back in 2009 but have only now taken the time to sit down and read!  I love the cover – it’s gorgeous.

Perhaps half of the chapters within the book are written by Candida herself. The chapters may be as short as a couple of pages, or half a dozen or so pages long. Each chapter is a separate story about horses and how they have impacted someone’s life for the better. The lessons learned from each contributor in the book work together to provide a great collection of short stories for the horse enthusiast.

The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

In between the stories, a collection of beautiful photos can be found on the pages. Many of these horse photos are also accompanied by a horse quote on the following page. This is a nice touch and breaks up the book really well.

The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

Some of the stories are by well known horse people or trainers – such as Frank Bell – and others by humble horse owners.  The Infinite Magic of Horses book is a really interesting read with some truly touching stories. Each story explores different breeds and disciplines that can be found with horses. It even shows how the equine species has lifted people up out of depression and other threatening situations.

This was a great gift from a friend.  It is also one I am sure would be a blessing to anyone else it is purchased for.

Author – Candida Baker
Non Fiction – adult
In my library – That it is!  As a paperback.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Horse Sense Business Sense

I have recently posted about the Horse Sense – Running with Mustangs program. This was the first time I was made aware of the Horse Sense Business Sense website and all that they offer. For those who are interested in Equine Assisted Practices, then this website will be of use to you, I am sure!

I first became aware of equine assisted practices through a friend who wanted to get into this field.  It was back in 2008 or so.  She was already a qualified occupational therapist and she had passion for horses.  It was her desire to somehow combine her passion with therapy to assist others.

The Horse Sense Business Sense website has been set us as an aid to professionals in various fields across Equine Assisted Learning. The Horse Sense OTC Family works to provide workshops, training, conferences, various programs and curriculums as well as a working student program.

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assistance

I love this! It’s perhaps your one stop shop to learning how to get into the equine assisted learning field. Or maybe you’re ready to set up your own facility or business – why not gain resources and assistance? Perhaps you want to offer a place for working students in your local area – why not offer your property as part of their program?

As it says on their website:

“We are eager to help other Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs make it, and make a difference, in their community.”

They also have a Horse Sense Vets-for-Vets certification that is being set up for release in 2017. This will be taught over a 12 month period, by leaders in the field of therapeutic horsemanship – how exciting!

‘Why give a horse to a man who cannot ride?’ ― George R.R. Martin

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