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Horse Power Inventions in History

Recently I read the Equine Spirit by C S Purdy and learned a lot about what horses have done for us over time. I was amazed to learn about some pretty incredible horse power inventions in history.

  1. The Pony Express was made up of teams of horses and riders that were used to convey messages over long distances, quickly. Obviously one horse and rider can travel a lot faster than a lone person running. The use of a pony express could speed up communications over long distances.
  2. The Erie Canal in the United States was run on horse power too, surprisingly! Or more specifically, the pulling power of mules. Mules were attached by ropes to boats and they were directed from the side of the canal, to lead boats down it! Ingenious.
  3. Conservation grazing. As outlined in Jenifer Morrissey’s book the Partnered Pony, some ponies are specifically used to graze in a protected area. These equine species will graze on specific plants and create minimal damage to the area, helping to promote a specific result in the native area.
  4. Tree logging. Although a lot of this is carried out by machinery these days, it was ultimately a large horse focused industry. Today even, horses or ponies are used in areas that machinery cannot access, or when the local flora and fauna needs to be left as untouched as possible.
Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions

There are many inventions out there that are or were only made possible by the equine species. I’m not certain that era is over! Do you have a horse related invention in mind that you feel can meet a particular need? Be sure to check out a recent post on equine grants if you’re seeking funding help!

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” ― Adlai E. Stevenson II

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses

Recently we had a look at the idea of equine grants on Equus Education. I’d love to explore the other side of this, too. That is, providing grants for horse businesses. In fact, what if there was one place you could go to online that outlined various horse related grants available to the public?

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Imagine it. You plan to set up a horse organisation or venture that may be a not for profit. Or, you want to use horses to meet a need in the community. You know that if you are able to setup your horse related plan, you can do great things for locals – and do it with horses, too! But you need some funds to get things started.

If there was one place online that you could go to for this, it could be a great resource. Various grants could be listed based on localities, amounts available and what it’s available for. It could be to establish facilities for keeping horses or offering riding. It could be finances to help with buying needed products like horse riding gear, helmets, or even horse feed. Perhaps grants are available to establish a marketing campaign once your horse idea is setup.

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Whatever it is, how great to be able to go to one place to find it. Perhaps this website could even have a set of questions that you answer to determine just how many grants may be applicable to your situation. For someone who has worked in the area of not for profits and who has a passion for horses, this may be a project that excites them. Plus, they’d have the know-how to be able to set it up.

For it to be an income earner for the person who provided such a valuable resource, they may have to consider paid advertising on the site. Or perhaps they can provide these resources to individual horse set ups at a monthly subscription fee.  Did someone say equine passive income stream? 😉

The Equine Spirit: History Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

I recently downloaded The Equine Spirit for free on Amazon as the subject matter appealed to me. I love fiction horse books, but I also really enjoy those that can teach me something! So as an Australian, I found that I learned a lot about America’s history through the horse in The Equine Spirit.

The Equine Spirit: Historical Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

The Equine Spirit: Historical Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

This book is a great collection of articles, short stories, poems and songs. All are in tribute in one way or another to the equine species. It could be for the working horse, a mule or donkey (burro), depending on the historical event being discussed and the location of said event.

I was amazed to learn about the Erie Canal where boats were towed down a canal by mules! What a unique way to make things work.

Of course the rebuilding of cities, breaking through new frontiers or fighting in wars were all made that much more possible with the aid of equine partners. Alongside each short chapter, there are many photos and paintings to further illustrate the works that equines have played in America’s history.

The Equine Spirit

This book is a great introduction to the research work that author C S Purdy has done. At the end, readers are encouraged to find out more through another book by the same author – The Equine Legacy. I would be interested to read this, having learned a little about events I am mainly ignorant to. Do you know about:

  • the Erie Canal
  • the Pony Express
  • Horse Latitudes?

The equine species has indeed played an incredible part in history. This book touches on some of the many things that were possible with the help of our equine friends. A great tribute to horses, mules and donkeys. The Equine Spirit is an interesting read.

Author – C S Purdy
Non-Fiction – historical
In my library – on Kindle it is!
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

Todhpurs – Children’s Horse Riding Apparel

Recently on twitter I had a new follower in the form of Todhpurs. Now I’ve got to ask, when you read that word, what images does it evoke? Either they’ve chosen a brilliant name…  Or, being a mother of 2 under the age of 3, my mind is often on toddlers! I think of toddlers and jodhpurs. And this in turn makes me think of horse riding clothes for littlies!

Now I had no idea if this is how the name came about, or it was just a nifty coincidence, but I liked it! A read over their About page soon proved the theory to be true:

“Todhpurs are the first riding boots made with toddlers and young children in mind. They are comfy, reliable and easy to fit on those wiggling toes.  Todhpurs has been created by three sisters who came up with the idea back in 2015 when Hannah (the eldest) had her first child George.

Finding the perfect pony, our little Pixie was easy but finding the perfect boots for George was a near impossible challenge. No matter where we looked, there were no riding boots on the market for toddlers and young children that looked as good as regular children’s boots or were not up to the standard we would want from our own boots.

What started out as a bit of a dream soon started to turn into a reality with help from a family friend who put us in touch with our amazing suppliers. With endless challenges and changes we were finally presented with a boot we fell in love with.”

Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?

Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?

My husband and I are blessed to live in a regional town with friends who own horses and ponies. Already we’ve had offers for our daughter to learn to ride (she’s 3 in a few months). And in time we hope to have land and a pony for the children to learn on.  But until then, I’m happy to wait for things to fall into place.


I love the idea that there’s a market specifically for young children and to meet their needs. I remember frustrations of my sister in law, trying to find the right shoes for her children when they were first learning to walk and get about. For the horse focused family, knowing that there’s a brand (or brands) specifically tailored to young riders is awesome! So why not check out the Todhpurs website?

Marcus Minds Weekend in June

Good ole’ Facebook pointed out an event that was occurring near me recently. Because I know the college in question offers horse courses, I wandered over to have a look at their event.  This then led me to their website.  The event is titled Marcus Minds Weekend.

Now in all honesty, I would not consider this event ‘near’ me! It is over 3 hours drive away. But, it still may be of interest to some of you! Marcus Oldham College offer a Diploma of Horse Business Management.  This is one that I looked into well over 15 years ago when considering study options. For those who love the idea of working on the land, they also have a course that focuses on Agribusiness.

Marcus Minds Weekend

Marcus Minds Weekend - where you can Experience Life as a Future Student

Marcus Minds Weekend – where you can Experience Life as a Future Student

On Friday the 23rd of June through to Sunday the 25th of June, Marcus Oldham College are running an event for prospective students. On this Marcus Minds weekend, the idea is that you come along and experience the facilities and see life from the eyes of a student.

I love the idea that those who are seeking out where to study, can experience what their life will be like if they enrol at a particular educational institution. I remember many years ago looking at this particular venue and being impressed. The cost of the course I was interested in however was well over $20,000.  Even with a scholarship (that covered about half of this), it was going to be a steep investment.  And one that at that time I couldn’t afford.

I have since heard wonderful things about the course and from students who have undertaken it.  For those students who can afford this financial investment, it is worth looking into. Though I may be biased, thinking all horse courses are worth looking into! 😉

“Yet when books have been read and reread, it boils down to the horse, his human companion, and what goes on between them.” ― Walter Farley

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

I recently gained a free electronic copy of this book via Instafreebie. This is a cool tool where authors upload their books – or a preview of their book – for people to download for free. First you need to enter an email address and subscribe to said author’s mailing list. Then your book is delivered via email. Unicorn Magic appealed to me from the cover and then reading the blurb so I signed up to receive a free copy!

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic is book 1 in the Celtic Fey series. It is a short story focused on Corinne MacArthur. Corinne is a Scottish teenager who is struggling to get over the loss of a loved one. To distract herself from everyday life, she gets caught up in a new computer game known as Feyland.

The game quickly becomes addictive to Corinne and she is more interested in the ‘reality’ of this mythical world than her own. As her everyday life brings the game into her dreams and even seems to interrupt her walks outside, she questions if the game is only available to her through a computer.

The dangers of the world definitely appear real when she is being chased by hounds whilst astride a unicorn. As Corinne battles the loss of her beloved equine, she finds herself drawn to the mythical horse in the game. But is this desire to consistently live in a simulated world a healthy one?

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic is a great introduction to this series. The story is well and truly a short story – a quick and enjoyable read. Being so short, I felt it was lacking a little in explanations. The descriptions of the environment Corinne was in were great – lots of detail. But some things weren’t explained. I am curious to know what happened to her horse and why she feels that the people she rode with wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her. Did she cause an accident that resulted in the death of her horse? Perhaps this is explained in the follow on book, I hope so!

Author – Roz Marshall
Fiction – fantasy
In my library – as an eBook, yes!
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

Profile On: Nathan Harvey, Para Equestrian

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey was kind enough to answer some questions about his love of horses and his riding career.  Read on!

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
Every day I am with my horses. They are a full time job because I also go to farms and Horse Studs to volunteer my labor in return for a contribution to my fund-raising to compete to Boneo Spring Championships. After my volunteer work, I come home to work both my competition horses, I spend a lot of time with my horses besides riding, and I love hugging them both in their paddock. Dom and Flip have very loving personalities.

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

What is it exactly that you do?
I ride both Open Official competition Dressage as well as Para equestrian Dressage which is much more difficult – I am Grade V which is equivalent to Elementary Medium movements.

I love riding Open official, I don’t feel disabled, my horses are my eyes, I train in an arena all the time so I memorize every inch. My Mum calls the test in a way so I know when the next movement and letter is coming up. I just love the sport and I love my horses.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
Eventually I want to make an income from what I love doing.  I stick pretty well to a horse, and have been taught from the best – Tor Van den berg – Tammy Stephenson – Sue Hearn – Brett Parbery – Sue Cunningham – Linda Treur – and my regular coach Nicole MaGoffin.

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Aquabatic

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Aquabatic

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
I want to train horses and I also want to become an Instructor. Up until now this was impossible because I could not see the work for the theory – now my eye-sight has deteriorated to B1.

Consequently, I now qualify for a grant to buy an Electric magnifying digital screen, this allows me to see the letters of a document and be able to do courses and may go to university. But nothing beats training and teaching.  This is what I want to do and like anything – if I work hard I will succeed.

Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Favourite horse memory?
My favorite horse memory is the Pony Club Camps when we were kids, I used to sneak to the stable with my sleeping bag and sleep with my horse. I loved jumping when I had sight – but most of all, now I don’t have sight I can feel so much more of what my horse is capable of and I know what they are thinking. I am achieving better results this year.

Future goals?
My goals are to achieve high scores in para Equestrian FEI tests, Open tests against able bodied riders.  I would also like to get my horses to Intermediate and ready for Big tours; that would be fabulous! My ultimate goal is to ride internationally for my beautiful country. I have an 8 year plan.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The best thing about my sport and profession is the support from my sponsors: Kieffer, Noble Outfitters Australia, Peter Williams Riding Apparel, ShowStoppers Equestrian Apparel, Earlwood Equine, Prestige Horse Transport and Euro Horseware.

The best thing is having people wait for me at Dressage Events, I have met so many people who have disabilities that come especially to watch my horses and I perform. I have made lifelong friends.

Accessing Equine Grants – Funds for a Horse Endeavour

A recent look at the Equine Career Network website provided interesting information about the two creators. One of these women was responsible for creating a couple of websites that related to equine non profits and equine grants.

Although the equine grant website link appears to no longer be around, it got me thinking about this topic. A quick search online (just type in equine grants) brings some interesting results:

For someone who is planning to set up a horse business, it is quite possible that funding can be acquired in the form of a grant.  Maybe even two! This is particularly if the setup is essentially a non profit and/or providing great benefit to the local community. Perhaps the horse related venture is meeting a need, like with Riding for the Disabled. Or maybe it’s reaching out to a group of at risk teens as is done with the Running with Mustangs program.

Accessing Equine Grants - Finding Funds Online for Your Horse Endeavour

Accessing Equine Grants – Finding Funds Online for Your Horse Endeavour

Accessing Equine Grants

Whatever it is, it can be great to know that you can gain finances from willing businesses or organisations. If you desire to setup such a venture in the future, keep equine grants in mind. In fact, you may even be able to utilise their grant criteria to help shape how you will setup and run your idea.

Some may not be equine grants specifically.  However, you can gain funding for establishing other horse beneficial items on a property. This may include safe waterways, specific fencing and native bush plantations. Be sure to do your research, there may be a few options available to you with regards to finances on offer!

My Life at Sweetbrier by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Children’s book author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne recently contacted me about reading and reviewing her latest release, My Life at Sweetbrier A Life Changed by Horses. Now this book is quite different to her other children’s fiction horse books. My Life at Sweetbrier tells Deanie’s story with horses as she grew up.

My Life at Sweetbrier A Life Changed by Horses by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

My Life at Sweetbrier A Life Changed by Horses by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Her life started out in an unexpected way, with having difficulty learning to walk. Eventually the doctors concluded that she wouldn’t be able to walk, due to having cerebral palsy.

Deanie’s dream as she grew up was to ride horses but it looked like mastering walking would be her first challenge. Her father refused to acknowledge the doctor’s conclusion. He eventually decided to teach Deanie to ride horses to strengthen her legs. And so the long journey began!

Between lots of falls and persistence, Deanie learned to ride on ponies. In time she decided she wanted to jump; this led to a lot more falls and her father deciding to wait a further year before continuing with jumping on horses.

This story is a beautiful one of persistence and never giving up on your dreams. The fact that it is based on her real life is sure to inspire readers. As it says in My Life at Sweetbrier, Deanie wants children to remember never to give up on their dreams because anything is possible if you don’t give up. This book is an updated edition of Tails of Sweetbrier.  It includes some great photos of the people and horses in the book.  My Life at Sweetbrier is a delightful read that is sure to inspire and encourage.

Author – Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Non-fiction – motivational, biography, children’s
In my library – as an eBook, yes!
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

Equine Career Network

I can’t remember what it was I was searching online, but recently I stumbled across the Equine Career Network. ECN is run by Kelsey Sullivan and Kaitlyn Zeleski. As it says on their website:

“Equine Career Network was built to connect job seekers, employers and entrepreneurs in the equine industry. Our focus is not on jobs within a barn, but rather on careers with horse related companies and organizations. Our goal is to be a resource for those on the hunt for a job in the industry, while also providing experiences and perspective from those that are shaping it today.”

The Equine Career Network links Students, Job Seekers and Horse Companies

The Equine Career Network links Students, Job Seekers and Horse Companies

Curious about the 2017 goals for the ECN? It’s simply covered in three points.  They all related to the support of:

  • College students and college advising offices
  • Job Seekers interested in joining the equine industry
  • Companies in their search for top talent

You can read more about these goals by clicking the above link. I love to discover horse career related sites online. Especially those that are aimed to help you in developing yourself and your horse career!

The Equine Career Network

Why not head along to the Equine Career Network site and see what they have to offer. There may be something there specifically for you! A quick glance at their jobs page has positions listed relating to sales, administration, finance, project management, education and events – all horse related, of course! Most appear to be in the United States and one listed is for the United Kingdom, but keep your eyes peeled for other places around the world!

You can also take a look at their blog, which has posts relating to career insights, bits and pieces and entrepreneurship. And of course you can sign up to their mailing list for regular updates.

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