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Parasites and Your Horse – CAFRE Free Course

Parasites and Your Horse: Free Online Course

Parasites and Your Horse: Free Online Course

Well CAFRE are once again offering a free online course!  I love these!  This one focuses on parasite management (Parasites and Your Horse) and you need to register by July 15th.

Here are the details that were emailed out to me:

Parasites and Your Horse – Online Course

CAFRE has launched a new online short course covering parasites in horses. The course will cover common parasites affecting the horse including life cycles, infestation and control methods.  The course will be delivered completely online allowing flexible study at a convenient time. The course is aimed at participants who care and manage horses at all levels, for example private owners, leisure riders, grooms, instructors, coaches, stable staff and non-equine vet nurses are all potential participants.

Two lectures will be available from 20th July until 31st August 2016.  For more information and to register for this course on the CAFRE website by following this link  Registration closes 15th July 2016. This is a free course.

As I always say, you can’t go wrong things that are free!  And you should always be working to educate yourself.  Whether this is an area you’re familiar with or not, why not sign up?  You can learn a lot or refresh your memory!

Parasites and equines is an ongoing issue – we will never be rid of them fully.  As horse owners and horse carers, it is important to find out what the latest research indicates with regards to managing parasites and our horses.

You may find that management recommendations save you money by helping you to target parasites at the right time of year.  It will also benefit your horse’s health by reducing worm burdens.  If you manage other people’s horses as well as your own, they will thank you for keeping your knowledge current and putting it into practice.

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