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Pastures for Horses

Well grassed paddock for livestock.

Droughts can be one of the biggest enemies of those who utilise their land to keep livestock going. Consequently, it is worth investing in someone who can help us to maintain pastures to the best of our capabilities and price range. This should help to minimise potential costs in regards to keeping our horses fed.

On my dream 400 acres, I plan to have 300 acres for the agistment (livery) of 100 horses. This way I’ll have the chance to rotate pastures, making sure the property doesn’t get overgrazed and fields therefore damaged. I’ll also look into getting advice from someone who knows a thing or two about the maintenance of paddocks.

Other than for grazing, a grassy area may need to be maintained on an equine related property for competitive uses such as grass racetracks, a polo field or cross country course or something to that effect.

Grass training track in Ireland.

Investing at least once a year in someone to come out and help with harrowing, reseeding, putting down lime and other such maintenance measures may mean the difference between a good or bad pasture for grazing the following year.

There are many things we can do ourselves to maintain paddocks but there are also businesses out there that specialise in this field (pardon the pun).

Take a look at:
Burrows Contractors – located in Berkshire in the UK, they specialise in land drainage for equestrian facilities, paddock maintenance and more.
Almighty Fodder Systems – A system aiming to utilise the grain you would normally feed to stock and allow it to germinate to increase the amount of feed available to stock, thereby saving money.

There are also courses that cover pasture management:
ACS Distance Education – 100 hour course focusing on grass varieties, establishing pastures and managing pastures plus more.
Day course in Tasmania

It is also possible to partake in Agricultural courses that cover a broad range of subjects relating to specific livestock and pasture management. In a time where weather conditions make it hard for us to keep properties going, those who are able to provide manageable and cost effective ways to keep properties from going under may just find themselves in a business that is in huge demand.

“We two have shared great joy and great sorrow. And now I stand at the gate of the paddock watching you run in an ecstasy of freedom, knowing you will return to stand quietly, loyally beside me.” – Pam Brown

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