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Pedigree Anaylsis ‘Nicks’

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Ok, here’s one for the pedigree fans out there!

What’s a pedigree?  It’s the paper/tabulated version of your horse’s breeding.  That is, who mum and dad are, and their parents, and so on!

Yes, it is possible to turn your interest in horse genealogy into a career!  Often this is done as a bloodstock agent or perhaps in the form of a Stallions Nomination staff member at a particular stud.

Many people that are interested in breeding horses (particularly racehorses) are keen to know what their future foal will look like on paper.

Consequently, they analyse stallion pedigrees to see which one or ones would best suit their broodmare. There are many online pedigree analysts who offer such services, at times for free!  Consider the likes of ‘eNicks’ at Werk Thoroughbred Consultants Inc.

Of course, checking out the stud books of your favourite breed in your country is worth looking into, also.  For those who are interested in horse pedigrees and pursuing potential work along this line, start your research now:

  • Learn about the top stallions and mares in the breed/s of your choice
  • Which stallions are producing foals that perform well?
  • Which stallions had a brilliant performance career?
  • Which is the most expensive stallion standing at stud?
  • Does the stallion shuttle overseas or is frozen semen offered for artificial insemination?

It’s never to early to learn more about your future profession and there is a lot of information online that can help you at only the cost of your time.

“Breed the best to the best and hope for the best.” – Breeder’s axiom

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