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The Pegasus Shortcut by Pamela Love

The Pegasus Shortcut is a delightful short read for young and older readers alike.  Set in a time when horses are the source of transport for messengers, it focuses on an illness in a local village.  The young son of a messenger spends his time preparing horses for his father who needs to get magical crystals to help cure those who haven’t yet died from a mysterious illness.

The son is dismayed to find after his father has left that one of the crystals was left behind.  Without it, the others won’t work and the trip will have been wasted.  Worse yet, his father will have exposed himself to the illness and could potentially meet the same fate of many who have died from it.

The Pegasus Shortcut by Pamela Love | Equus Education

The Pegasus Shortcut by Pamela Love | Equus Education

It is obvious he must try to catch up to his father.  And yet his father is on the fastest horse there is.  Still, the young boy decides on a pony that is sure footed and fast.  He knows he is racing against time to get to his father before he reaches the village.

The Pegasus Shortcut

There is a shortcut that would allow him to achieve his goal – beat his father to the town gate.  But it is unsafe and was banned many years earlier.  He soon decides to take the risk – people’s lives are at stake.  He takes a stubborn pony and heads out over the treacherous mountain as quickly as he can.

The trip is difficult but the boy is sure he is making time.  His mount presses on steadily and when they do the inevitable and beat his father to town, he realises a little magic may have been involved – and not from the crystals.  His mount seems to have the ability to fly.

Author – Pamela Love
Fiction – children
In my library – as an eBook
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