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PerformAir – Animal Transport Ventilation

PerformAir – Ventilation for Your Equine Vehicle

I’ve recently been made aware of this company and although I hadn’t even considered it as a possible horse related career, it is a great one!

The horse’s respiratory system is a delicate one and it’s important that they get proper ventilation wherever they are housed.  With domesticated horses, we often travel them in floats or trucks, keep them in stables and other confined areas where quality ventilation can come into question.

PerformAir – Animal Transport Ventilation have this issue covered when it comes to transporting the equine.  It’s a great looking add on to your float or truck!

PerformAir continues to invest in the research, development and commercialisation of technologies that provide improved welfare conditions for animals during road transport.

“The Breath of Paradise is that which blows between the ears of a horse.” – Arabic Quotation

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