Pony Club Girls Book One: Sofia by Cate Bryant

Sofia by Cate Bryant

Sofia Pendleton leads a privileged life, one that allows her to follow her one and only passion: eventing horses. With a talented skewbald gelding named Fascinante, Sofia is determined to make her way up through the levels with the eventual aims of Burleigh and Badminton.

The reader is thrust into the world of eventing by a knowledgeable author. As the story continues, Sofia’s home life isn’t all it appears on the surface. With an increasingly absent father, a stern stepmother and a determined young eventer who makes his way into Sofia’s family life, the eighteen year old questions just how she will achieve her dream.

In an unexpected twist of events, she finds herself without her lavish lifestyle, her talented mount and even a means of transport. In a short timeframe, Sofia finds all that she knows and holds dear taken from her in the most unusual of ways.

As she comes to grips with her new living environment, the young woman is devastated to find she has to do everything for herself. Suddenly she has to work and struggle through life without access to a vehicle, decent riding facilities or even someone to guide her riding.

Sofia is a coming of age story of a teenager who learns what it’s like to be thrown out of a world where everything is handed to you on a silver platter and to have to suddenly work for the simplest of things in her life – like a clean stable. As Sofia battles through her new circumstances, she learns to work and has to deal with some life altering experiences.

Sofia ends on a promising note, with the main character having grown up and learned just what she will do to achieve her life’s dream. An entertaining read.

Author – Cate Bryant
Fiction – young adult / adult
In my library? – as an eBook yes!
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“On the back of a horse you will find Paradise.” – Stella A. Walker

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