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Pony Club

Got a horse crazy kid in Australia? Pony Club is a great way to help them to learn to ride, show and look after their horse. Pony Club was my first introduction to riding lessons and in a group.

My first pony, Pride, that I now own, was available to me initially on a lease basis – $50/month and the horse was mine, tack was available to ride him in and 100+ acres to ride across. An added bonus to where I leased him, Pony Club was run the first Sunday of every month on the property.

PC allows kids to ride together with classes on dressage, show jumping and games and learn about horses through theory lessons each month. Kids that are eager to improve are encouraged to be graded on their horses (from base level 4 – 1) and complete certificates (D/D*, C, B, A, K) that test knowledge of the child’s fitness of the horse, nutrition, care, grooming, etc.

PC is great for kids wanting to compete, learn to instruct or just improve their relationship with their horse and capabilities to care for it.

Irish Pony Club Website
UK Pony Club
Hong Kong Pony Club
US Pony Club
Pony Club Australia
Canadian Pony Club
New Zealand Pony Club

“All horseback riding is great until you go to a $40 show for a 75c ribbon.”


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  • Valkyrie:

    Hi I’m a horsemad mom who’s hopefully emigrating to Australia soon. Good to know I can check in from time to time to see where/when/what and how to get back on a horse – and possibly introduce my son to riding when he’s big enough 🙂

  • Chris:

    Hi there Valkyrie!

    Glad to hear that Equus will be of use to you! That’s the whole reason I want it up on the net.



  • I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Pony Club, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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