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Profile On: Nathan Harvey, Para Equestrian

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey was kind enough to answer some questions about his love of horses and his riding career.  Read on!

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
Every day I am with my horses. They are a full time job because I also go to farms and Horse Studs to volunteer my labor in return for a contribution to my fund-raising to compete to Boneo Spring Championships. After my volunteer work, I come home to work both my competition horses, I spend a lot of time with my horses besides riding, and I love hugging them both in their paddock. Dom and Flip have very loving personalities.

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

What is it exactly that you do?
I ride both Open Official competition Dressage as well as Para equestrian Dressage which is much more difficult – I am Grade V which is equivalent to Elementary Medium movements.

I love riding Open official, I don’t feel disabled, my horses are my eyes, I train in an arena all the time so I memorize every inch. My Mum calls the test in a way so I know when the next movement and letter is coming up. I just love the sport and I love my horses.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
Eventually I want to make an income from what I love doing.  I stick pretty well to a horse, and have been taught from the best – Tor Van den berg – Tammy Stephenson – Sue Hearn – Brett Parbery – Sue Cunningham – Linda Treur – and my regular coach Nicole MaGoffin.

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Aquabatic

Para Equestrian Nathan Harvey Riding Aquabatic

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
I want to train horses and I also want to become an Instructor. Up until now this was impossible because I could not see the work for the theory – now my eye-sight has deteriorated to B1.

Consequently, I now qualify for a grant to buy an Electric magnifying digital screen, this allows me to see the letters of a document and be able to do courses and may go to university. But nothing beats training and teaching.  This is what I want to do and like anything – if I work hard I will succeed.

Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Nathan Harvey Riding Kiteroa Dominic

Favourite horse memory?
My favorite horse memory is the Pony Club Camps when we were kids, I used to sneak to the stable with my sleeping bag and sleep with my horse. I loved jumping when I had sight – but most of all, now I don’t have sight I can feel so much more of what my horse is capable of and I know what they are thinking. I am achieving better results this year.

Future goals?
My goals are to achieve high scores in para Equestrian FEI tests, Open tests against able bodied riders.  I would also like to get my horses to Intermediate and ready for Big tours; that would be fabulous! My ultimate goal is to ride internationally for my beautiful country. I have an 8 year plan.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The best thing about my sport and profession is the support from my sponsors: Kieffer, Noble Outfitters Australia, Peter Williams Riding Apparel, ShowStoppers Equestrian Apparel, Earlwood Equine, Prestige Horse Transport and Euro Horseware.

The best thing is having people wait for me at Dressage Events, I have met so many people who have disabilities that come especially to watch my horses and I perform. I have made lifelong friends.

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