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uShip is an online marketplace that connects horse transportation providers with customers who need their horses transported. uShip makes it easy for service providers to find profitable loads and gives customers access to affordable and reliable shipping options. The uShip marketplace is built on user feedback which helps both service providers and customers. Here’s how it works:

– A customer needs a horse moved across the country, so they list it on uShip.
– A service provider who services the necessary route and has some extra cargo space finds this shipment and places a bid.
– The customer reviews the bid and feedback left by the service provider’s past customers.
– The customer accepts the bid, contact information is exchanged, and the service provider services the shipment.
– Upon completion of the transaction, both parties leave feedback to help future users.
– Now the horse is at its destination, the customer has saved a little money, and the service provider was able to fill empty cargo space and make some extra money on a trip they were already making anyway.

uShip is always seeking to improve its services with new technology and features to make horse transportation as easy as possible. Christine Nguyen of took the time to answer some questions regarding this online service.

When did start? launched in January of 2003 and since then, has been leading the online shipping revolution. Our mission is to create the most efficient marketplace for shipping that has ever existed by reducing shipping costs for customers and giving Transportation Service Providers the marketing scale, technology, and credibility they need to grow their business.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
Most of my day is related to horses. We are trying to reach out to horse owners and lovers who cannot transport their horse cross-country to find an affordable and reliable transportation service provider who can do it for them. In addition, we try to help horse carriers and transporters earn money (especially with the rising cost of gas) by making it easy to find these readily available jobs through our online marketplace.

In this field of providing a place online where people can search for transport for their horses, how is an income made by the provider? Is it the sort of income that could be considered livable?
Service providers generate income by placing winning bids and completing transportation jobs. Some service providers get a large portion of their business through uShip, while others may simply supplement their already substantial business with occasional loads from our marketplace. The great part is, this works for both of these functions.

What are the general steps taken to be able to provide this service to others for their livestock?
First of all, the service providers need to have a USDOT and MC number which ensures that they are a legitimate transporter. They also need to have a license to transport live animals. Finally, they would need to have good knowledge of interstate and intrastate transportation laws, as these laws differ from state to state.

Any advice for those interested in providing a similar service by means of the internet?
If you are looking to get into horse transportation – or any type of transportation service – the internet now offers a wealth of resources and tools, and uShip is a great place to get started. Make sure you know exactly what this job entails and that you can handle the often demanding schedule. The best way to do this is by talking to others who have been doing this for a while. They can give you a better idea of what life as a horse transporter will be like. uShip’s Community forums actually provide a great place for you to connect with other horse transporters.

Future goals?
It's nice to know we can save money but safely transport these gorgeous animals. We would like to expand awareness of the affordable, reliable horse transportation services available on uShip. As riding is becoming more popular, horses have become an important part of many peoples’ lives and are bought, sold, and transported more than ever. We want to be a resource to help service providers pursue a career in horse transportation and make a living being around horses.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The best thing is helping to rescue horses. Many times unwanted horses are sent to slaughter houses and taken down by their owners. There are many horse lovers and enthusiasts who want to help, but cannot afford the expensive costs of getting these horses shipped from across the country. With the uShip marketplace, we are able to help people avoid the high costs and get horses hauled home at a reasonable and affordable price.

“We gaze upon their quiet beauty, their natural elegance, and we are captivated. They see us softly, in gentle light… rewarding human companionship with strength, grace and intelligence. As they run through arenas and open fields, past mountains and seas, moving like the wind toward heaven, we travel with them, if only in our hearts.”

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