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Profile On: Janelle Pitts, Eventer

Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start out eventing?
Yes, I have always loved and been interested in horses. My earliest memory is riding my aunties horse when I was three. I was first introduced to eventing through pony club when I guess I was 11 or 12, but I didn’t start doing a lot of eventing until I was probably 16 or 17.

How much of your day/week is horse work/horse riding?
Basically all of my waking hours!

In this field is it possible for someone to be a full time professional? If yes, is this on account of sponsorship or is it possible to earn a livable income?
In Australia it is not really possible to be just an event rider, but it is possible to earn a good income through teaching and training horses to sell on.

What are the general steps taken to work your way up in this field?
Most people will start through a pony club or adult riders club and move from there into EFA competition. Once you have developed your skills enough you aim to get involved in state squads and then eventually national squads in the hope of being selected onto a national team for something like the World Games or Olympic Games.

Any advice for those interested in pursuing this discipline?
Be patient and enjoy the learning. Like anything in life there is no quick and easy way to the top.

Is there anything else with horses you’d love to learn about or try?
I am very interested in anything to do with horses and love to learn from all the different horse disciplines. There isn’t just one specific think I’d like to try.

Favourite horse memory?
My favourite horse memory is of lying on my pony ‘Cobber’ while he grazed in the paddock with the other horses. I used to wait out in the paddock with him until mum and dad came home from work. He was the best pony.

Future goals?
2008 Olympics and then hopefully future World Games and Olympic Games with upcoming horses.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The wonderful people you meet. The eventing group are definitely a nice mix of people.

“Just knowing we have both learnt something when I have finished riding is enough for me!”

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