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Profile On: Lyndsey Denning, Network Horses

Lyndsey Denning of Network Horses kindly took the time to answer some questions about her recent equine business venture.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
I spend on average 2 hours a day looking after my 2 horses. In addition to this, I have recently started my own business – which is an Equestrian website. I am currently spending on average 8 hours per day (and night!) promoting and developing my new business.

Lyndsey on her Mare, Diamnat Du Carel

What is it exactly that you do?
I have 2 horses which I compete in dressage and eventing as often as I can. Network Horses is a website that combines social media, recruitment and a directory – all specific to the equine industry.

Currently I am promoting Network Horses to businesses and people within the equine industry as the new Equine site to be a member of! Interest is picking up and we recently announced a sponsorship deal with Charlotte Fill, who is a well respected dressage rider and coach.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
We have very high hopes for Network Horses and believe it will be a great hit – the initial interest has been incredibly promising.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
Having experience of horses spanning 22 years, I would like to think I have a reasonably good level of knowledge about Horses and the Equine industry! In addition to this, I did go to university and I have a background in recruitment. Couple that with a good network of equestrian friends, family and acquaintances (not forgetting shear hard work and determination) and I believe you can have a crack at the whip.

Lyndsey’s Three Mares

Favourite horse memory?
Wow very difficult question! You know, I can’t pick any memory competing, there are many special ones. I would have to say my favourite horse memory is the first time I discovered that no matter how bad a time you are having, your horse is always there to pick you up, and take you forward. That is amazing.

Future goals?
To develop Network Horses into the UK’s leading equestrian website.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The horses – wouldn’t change that for anything!!!

“Horse Person’s Glossary – Feed: Expensive substance used to manufacture manure.” – Author unknown

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