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Profile On: Lynn Baber, Equine Ministry

Lynn Baber of Amazing Grays Ministry took the time to answer some questions about her involvement in an equine ministry.

Have you always been interested in horses and how long has Amazing Grays Ministry been in existence?
When I was four years old I rode my first full size horse; fell off… got stepped on… and I’ve been in love ever since. I’m not sure what that says about me, but horses have been a life-long passion even though I didn’t get to really concentrate on them until I was over thirty!

The ministry itself developed as the publication process for Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace began in the summer of 2009. If you had asked me about a ministry before that I would have been quite surprised!

What exactly does Amazing Grays do?
Amazing Grays Ministry is a non-profit Christian lay ministry dedicated to sharing God’s messages of Grace and Victory through Jesus Christ to all the family of God, in particular the equine community, as convicted by the Holy Spirit, through written, spoken, and broadcast word, music and images.

We are always looking for opportunities to speak to groups as well as conduct hands-on horse clinics.

Due to being a non profit organisation, where do the funds come from?
One of the goals of Amazing Grays Ministry is to offer something to those we meet rather than to ask for anything from them. Contributions to the ministry are tax-deductible, but we do not solicit direct donations. We sell the book and study guide, and are adding to our list of titles and products that may bless others as we move forward. At times the ministry is given a donation when we do a program or clinic although it is not a requirement. When offered, we do accept. Other funds are made by private donors who support the ministry’s work.

How much of your day or week is spent on this amazing ministry? How much of this relates to hands on with horses?
The ministry is pretty much a full time job although I continue to write both articles and books. Promoting and marketing are a big part of a ministry just as any organization that is trying to get a message out to the right audience in a world already filled with noise and input.

The hands-on part is growing. We will be taking horses into neighborhoods with church-operated summer programs to offer a really unique way to show the children how trust and confidence in a leader can change our lives. Additionally, we are booking horse-rider relationship clinics and I go to other equine ministries to do programs.

I go wherever I’m invited for the most part. If anyone would like to visit about an opportunity to hear our message, please ask them to contact me.

What do you do to earn an income alongside Amazing Grays Ministry?
This is it. We are officially retired, though I am a writer. Can’t say I plan on making a fortune that way, but even if I did I would give it to the ministry. We were blessed to be successful in both our business-world and horse-related careers and now share with others.

Any advice for those eager to pursue an equine related ministry?
Christian ministry of any kind is an assignment from the Lord. There needs to be a calling first. Whenever there is, the Lord is always faithful to make a way. But specifically, I would simply tell folks that the Bible tells us we are not to teach what we have not first mastered. I think only experienced horsemen and women should lead equine ministries. As a horse trainer, judge, and professional, I always put safety first. That hasn’t changed.

Is there anything else with horses you’d love to learn about or try?
There is one thing left on the list – to ride my own horse on a beach somewhere. We’re hoping to do that soon, but just haven’t ever had the opportunity. Other than that, every day with horses is both a blessing and a learning experience. As long as I keep going out to the barn I will keep learning.

Favourite horse memory?
That is so difficult. I have had so many wonderful horses. Winning World and National championships wasn’t bad, but each time a new horse looked at me and offered me their trust – it was a great day.

Future goals?
There will be more books. Other than that we just take one day at a time. I really look forward to working with people and including the horses in more appearances. We just hope for invitations to come and share our message.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
My relationship with the Lord. That is the foundation of everything. After that, being able to take the decades of experience gathered as an equine professional and use it to serve Him, his family, and the horses.

“It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you.” – Lendon Gray

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  • Daniel Gorham:

    I am interested in pursuing Christian equine ministry. I am a recovering drug/alcoholic and have been clean for 8 years. I have 8 horses of myown and have worked in my community with my horses for the handicapped and those with addictions. I am interested in moving south due to cold Nebraska winters.
    Thanks for your response.

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