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Profile On: Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

Self employed remedial equine massage therapist Sherri Davis kindly took the time to answer some questions about her work and her business Equisynergy.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
I would currently spend approximately 40 hours a week between working with horses and studying horses. Due to study I would say my current workload is part time. I travel quite a bit as I am mobile which also makes me a versatile option for horse owners.

What is it exactly that you do?
I am a remedial equine massage therapist.

Remedial Equine Massage Therapist Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

Remedial Equine Massage Therapist Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
I am self employed with my business Equisynergy. Self promotion has built up my business.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
As a remedial equine massage therapist, I graduated in 2012 with the Diploma of Remedial Equine Massage Therapy. I am currently in my final year of Equine Science and also studying Vet Tech at Charles Sturt University.

Favourite horse memory?
Gosh i have so many favourite memories but I would have to say fast working our standardbred horses with dad on our property when i was a teenager. Such a thrill, especially when i got my trainers/drivers licence at age 16.

Future goals?
Future goals are to incorporate rehab and mobile vet nursing in with my massage, hence all my studies. I would love to be able to treat horses holistically including nutrition and wound care.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
Seeing a difference in the way a horse moves after treatment. Also the response whilst massaging; they are very demonstrative about letting you know when it feels good!

“Employers are like horses — they require management.” ― P.G. Wodehouse

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