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Publishing for a Particular Demographic

As someone who dreams of having their horse related book published in the not too distant future, I am becoming more aware of publishing companies. If I’m reading a horse book, I question if that publisher has produced other books that are horse related and if they’d be more inclined to take on the works of someone who writes for the horse audience, over a publisher that hasn’t produced a book focused on horses.

Stable Management, BHS.Last week I purchased the British Horse Society Complete Manual of Stable Management online. When the book arrived in the post, some advertising for the publishing company came with it and I thought I may as well check out their website:

Regarding submissions, it states on their website:
‘Quiller Publishing will accept unsolicited submissions from authors. We will only accept book submissions on subjects covered by Country Sports and Equestrian. Please do not send us novels or poetry. Having looked at our website if you believe that your manuscript fits within Country Sports or Equestrian Publishing please follow these simple guidelines.
All submissions must be supplied in hard copy. All submissions that are to be returned must include a SAE (that includes adequate postage).’

This counts me out, as I’m writing a novel, but it’s great to see there are publishers out there that do cater to a particular demographic. As a writer I believe it can improve your chances by seeking out these publishers that cover your particular topic and sending your story to them.

As a reader, it means you’ve got a direct source to go to in order to find the types of books you love to read. As a publisher, I believe it means you can provide a focused service, investing time in finding quality products to sell as you can be more informed on one or two particular topics, making sure the books you sell contain quality information.

To provide this service you’d want people that had a background in publishing, editing and preferably knowledge on the particular topic/s you’re providing books about. This way you can sell quality books that you know to be appealing to those in the industry or wanting to get into it. After all, what horse person doesn’t enjoy getting and reading horse books?

‘What do you suppose will satisfy the soul, except to walk free and own no superior?’ – Walt Whitman

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One Response to “Publishing for a Particular Demographic”

  • As a writer who didn’t investigate this first, you bring up some great points!

    I went through the route of self-publishing but there was a reason for this. Time. I do believe it can take 3-6 months before your manuscript is assessed by a publisher and as I had a deadline for when I wanted to get my book out, I didn’t have time to approach different publishers. However, having achieved well with my first book last year, I have a whetted appetite for writing more.

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